Would these sea steads have a military?

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I am so bad with english! I was trying to ask for a refined explaination of the problem, not how you solved it so it’s no longer a problem. I wondered what was lacking, exactly why communications were inhibiting seasteading. Perhaps the problem is my english? Sorry.


No,…There are plenty of satellite communication systems out there, voice, data, internet, etc.



What I should have said was, it is a stupid idea to create a stationary floating island out in the middle of nowhere. It has all the disadvantages of an Island and none of the advantages.


No it was my mistake. When I say communications I am talking about a cheap reliable system like Metro PCS. Sure there are many ways to communicate, satellite, Ham, ELF, but they are are either very slow or very expensive or both. And did I mention lag?

Isolation is not desirable. If you have good communications, it doesn’t matter where you are, SeaSteading has to take advantage of modern communication.


Yes I have an Iridium phone in my hand, .60 cents a minute for 2-3G speeds, not to mention the latency.

You know I am on a sailboat right now? I have Ham, SSB, Satellite, vhf, cellular, wifi, bluetooth, etc. I would trade them all instantly for a nice fiber connection : )

Mostly what I do is use Cellular, like now. I select anchorages based on Cell tower access.

The most importing part of sailing is communications. . .

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First part: yes. Second part, not really. Not everyone is equally proficient at policing and soldiering. Having specialists is part of the reason we don’t simply squat in caves any more.


Not everyone has an equal right to do so, either… In the US, Felons are not allowed firearms, etc.


The reason we don’t squat in caves is because of technological advances. Tools like guns negate physical advantages and training, specialists in other words. Criminals, government officials, and pirates go to great lengths to avoid actual confrontation if they think the target might be armed.

Remember police have no obligation to protect anyone except government officials.


That was the felons decision.

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Criminals, government officials, and pirates go to great lengths to avoid actual confrontation if they think the target might be armed. Remember police have no obligation to protect anyone except government officials.[/quote]

Police, private security, watch standers… whatever. You can’t defend against attack while heavily involved in other technical tasks. The tail to tooth ratio of a modern military is immense. Somebody has to be trained and ready. you can supplement a specialized crew with moderately trained and relatively inexpensive militia. None of that negates the need for people to do the job.


No one can defend against a surprise attack. So why worry about it? Our Military and police and intelligence agencies don’t keep you safe, unless you are one of our Masters.

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Categorically incorrect. It’s more difficult, for sure.

Surprise attacks aren’t the only ones difficult to defend against while heavily engaged in other things. If you’ve got your hands full with a baby, it’s pretty hard to fight off a mugger even if you see him coming.

As a former member of our military and intelligence communities, as a person heavily involved in volunteer public safety efforts in my community, this topic is too complicated to reply to such a blanket statement.

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Good job. You can delete more.


And you also deleted a rather good one, in the process.

I won’t bother trying to recreate it, but it was well reasoned and fairly thorough


what about a chartered entity that provides it’s own security?

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Would these sea steads have a military?: Yes.

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It depends on the size of the populace on the seastead and more importantly the mindset of the inhabitants who occupy it. Like @thebastidge earlier stated this question is too vague.

However, my experience within the military and police the populace would need no military if they are that military, specifically in a small elite seastead. Training is key to any situation, along with physical, mental preparedness. This would be an advanced and highly trained society that can multi task several occupations to make this a sustaining place/cultural thrive.

In a larger living macro populace, I believe yes you would need a militia, police, military or specialized force that would protect the main populace. Because within the mindset of the masses, more people seem to prefer not to take on the responsibility or the notion of using or being a weapon themselves. Just my brief take.


Hell yea…

“These sea steads” should have an “active military”… Just in case of a Mars attack.

The question is, of which of “those seasteads” are you talking about? 'cause there are NONE.

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That is correct. No seastead.
In the context of self-defense, it is probably a general rule that there has to be a willingness
for a human being to defend himself or herself. This could happen anywhere not just
necessarily on a seastead.

It’s getting philosophical and hypothetical. I would rather cut tires and weave tires, and
I am willing to defend myself.