Would these sea steads have a military?


Classic formula. Thanks for pointing that out.


Tell that to the shipping companies, when the “lost-maybe” Somali pirates come asking for help finding “the way”.

Or … go float a multi-million-dollar seastead in the Straits of Malacca and see how well “a couple of nice guys in fancy uniform, driving an electro scooter” works out in real life.


(Wilfried Ellmer) #18

The hypothesis that violence and enforcement is necessary for society to function was coined and refuted in several threads …

emergent law

violence in marine relations (somali pirates | navies | practical solutions)

In the reality of marine traffic the violence generated by four somalies in a boat is neutralized by four leased mercenaries paid by the insurance company to escort the ships beyond the reach of the somali pirate activity - no shot fired - somalies became aware of proactive measures and went out of business voluntarily - happens as we speak on a dayly base - no use for military whatsoever just for a “proactive container insurance company protecting its assets against burglary” on certain shipping routs. - nope - no valid argument for the rise of the military approach through seasteading.


Hmmm … somebody forgot to send that memo to all the combatants around the world.

Your claim is BS, Elmo.

After living, working, and consulting in 50+ nations and 20+ conflict zones …

… I still haven’t found the idiot who wanted to stake his life on your ignorant claim.

I’ve met a bunch of fools who were willing to risk the lives of other people

… but never anybody who was willing to actually be the first clown to lead that parade.

Your turn, Elmo. Dazzle us with more of your brilliant analysis about security. Perhaps you can introduce yet another logical fallacy into the dialog. :open_mouth:

Or, maybe you can find a way to turn the entire comment thread into another of your endless commercials for your “alliance”. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Either way, it would just be more Elmo BS.

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@BobDohse | The thing is - you can only “have a debate with me” if you say something intelligent - worthy to debate - you have not done that yet - so i am waiting…any hypothesis ? - worth paying attention and dedicate time to…?

SRS (SRL) - the first project
Evolutionary Context | Seasteading | Ocean Colonization

Of course! Libertarians love a militia. :wink:

“Halt!” cries a voice. “Who are you?” A bearded militiaman points an automatic at me.
I panic. Just how Dad died. Wrong place, wrong time.
He wears camo pants and a bandolier over his bare chest. He has a full beard, an orange beret and black boots. He is not wearing a shirt. His belly droops over his beltline.
What do you say to a half-naked ammosexual?
“Speak up!”
“I am Rudi,” I reply softly. “The Analyticist.” Thinking a moment I add, “A free person.”
“State your business!”
I am trying to get out of here. “I am on a temp project to model the economy. To improve resource management. I am here to talk to BillyBub.”
His gun drops. “Stand down, Taz,” he commands the dog. “I’m Colt, a free person of Freedonia,” he says to me.
I remember seeing him last night. “You were the one with the Ten Twemes.”
He smiles. “We worked hard on that,” he says. I look at him, rather than the muzzle of his gun. Clearly, he believes in freedom from shaving. “Do you think it can work?” he asks.

It’s in the book! http://www.libersteadpublishing.com/


And, yet, here we are. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

DUH. :open_mouth:

I wrote that you are full of bull, Elmo.

You respond.

Hmmm … communication happened.

Funny how that works. :unamused:

(Wilfried Ellmer) #23

Security force on a Seastead - violently subduing a citicen and finally breastfeeding him down the rightous path…(silicon reforced) @jwliberstead | those girls can certainly take care of a desperate somali seaman | i like the word “ammosexual” …but beer belly and gun is so boring…i vote for ammo-phantasize something more sexy in the second edition of Liberty Awash. Remember the task is to make Seasteading attractive to investors and the general public.

**Hypothesis:** It is not important who has the guns anymore - it is important where money and investment is... | [marine come together based on economic power - not military](https://discuss.seasteading.org/t/violence-in-international-politics-is-still-a-strong-kung-fu-doubth-that/377) |

(Wilfried Ellmer) #24

**Hypothesis:** Nobody is shooting out marine affairs in [19.Century gunboat politics](https://discuss.seasteading.org/t/the-ugly4-definition-oceanic-freedom-with-footnote/334/8?u=ellmer) style anymore...
To understand what is going on in our world [follow the money](https://discuss.seasteading.org/t/to-understand-what-is-going-on-in-our-world-follow-the-money/387) not the news...about "combatants around the world"...this is "[panem et circenses](https://www.google.at/?gws_rd=ssl#q=panem+et+circenses)" for the dumb voter folk...and to justify the next military budget ... for the taxpayer...

(Wilfried Ellmer) #25

oceanic business alliance is a / opt in / opt out | group based on voluntary colaboration of people who are interested in the business of ocean colonization…we do no commercials…we are a collaboration network not a Company selling something. We share a parallel interest with TSI we want to see ocean colonization happen. And we incline to “forment a intelligent discourse about the topic” to get intelligent investors to it. | what you should know about me |

Hypothesis: Seasteading budgets should be spent on [something more useful](https://discuss.seasteading.org/t/offshore-aquaculture-realistic-projects-big-business-seafood-ocean-colonization-ocean-ranching-oceanic-investment-world-food-security/1631) than military


2015 Terrorist attack killing cruise ship passengers belies your wishful thinking, @ellmer


You continually flood this forum with advertising for your bogus ‘business alliance’. THE ONLY 'BUSINESS" you want is for people to give you a fully detailed, fully optimized business plan and/or money to fulfill YOUR unbuildable fantasies, the same way you invited me, then demanded money to present my concept to the supposed ‘investors’ that you had said already had access to my posts. Topping that, you had the place locked, to keep my ‘membership’ locked in, until it finally took Randolph and Joe requesting you delete to my account.

(adam ulbrich) #28

yea thats what i was thinking what if pirates come armed what do you do then? that is why seasteads need a very small military or more of a police force.


Yeah … sure … :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: … a “voluntary colaboration of people” who have to pay you membership fees … and then get screwed nothing unless they “invest” in some scheme that never seems to come to fruition.

Bean count your posts, @ellmer, and subtract every thread where you promoted your grand “oceanic business alliance”

… and what’s left after that subtraction?

Not much. :open_mouth:

Elmo doesn’t engage in very many comment threads where he doesn’t somehow promote the “oceanic business alliance”.

But … but … but … sputter, sputter … “we do no commercials”.

Yeah … Sure. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Except … your post, Elmo, …
… contains TWO links that lead …
… to your own web site …

and those pages …


But you “do no commercials”. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You’re full of bull, Elmo.

So full of it that …
… your eyes are turning brown. :smirk:


Elmo’s posts are all about …

Breakaway Civilization | Seasteading | Ocean Colonization | Advanced Oceanic Cities | Atlantis | Enlightenment | Oceanic Business Alliance | next big thing in business

and …


and …


… and, yet, all of these “solicitations from investors” by Elmo are not a “commercial”. :open_mouth::smirk::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: