Would love to see a free society through Seasteading

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Hi everyone, my name is Quinton.

I’m new to the site but I’ve been familiar with the Seasteading idea for a while. I really like what you guys are doing here.

Where are things currently at in the Seasteading world? Is momentum picking up? What are the main challenges?

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:


currently, the only person building has left this forum, I’m waiting on a settlement from an accident, to buy a piece of land with water access to the G0M, to build a home and shop on, as an incubator site, to build my idea in. Trying to locate supplies to experiment with Geopolymer, in the meantime. As space and tools become available, I expect to rent-out sections of shop, for others to be able to build, and cover the expenses, plus fee-basis parking for a secured place for vehicles, once projects begin floating out, near Matagorda Bay, Texas, Gulf of Mexico.

As far as I can tell, these are the 2 most advanced projects. TSI is trying to locate a host nation, then find investors for a 50m by 50m barge with condos.

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The Seastead institute is working on a floating project for 2020.

The World is a cruise ship that sold its rooms off as condos. It’s an partial example of seasteading in practice. http://aboardtheworld.com

Nautilus Minerals is a Canadian Ming company building deep sea mines. https://adventureandbusiness.wordpress.com/2016/04/09/ocean-mining/

Hub on Hudson is some sort of proposal as well

What kind of seasteading are you interested in?

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Thanks for the reply.

I’m interested in the creation of all types of new societies. I think competition in where we live is where we need to start applying markets. I see Seasteading as one way of doing this. I think doing some type of deals with countries is also a way of doing this. I just want to see more independent nations rise up that can experiment with their own way of doing things.

I’m pretty sure that a society built on Libertarian principles and non-violence would by far create more wealth and have a higher standard of living than any other country currently does. I think most people behind Seasteading feel the same way. And like them, I want to see this created.

I look at it as a business and think that it would be great to compete against other governments by being less expensive to live in than other nations. I know initially it may be more expensive, and I know getting there may be tricky, but I think once we get some momentum this would change the world entirely.

It sounds to me like a lot of this is still really new and everyone is still trying to find out exactly what to do and raise money to do it. I’m just really interested in all this. I pretty much came to the conclusion on my own that the way to move society forward in the world is to have the ability to create independent nations outside of any control of another nation. We need to somehow get here and I see Seasteading as a possible way of doing this.

I recently wrote a book about all this and I’ve been looking around at where everyone is currently at with this type of movement. I really think the next big business will be in creating free societies. And I want to be a part of that :slight_smile:

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Interesting thought - you might want to check on the oceanic business alliance - societies will not be on the table before reaching phase 3 ( currently running phase 1 )

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