Wolf Hilbertz Autopia Ampere

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Has anyone looked into this type of technology for creating habitats at sea?

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That’s dated 2008, what’s he done in the last 10 years? Is any island built yet? Was the artificial reef populated with hard corals?, was it as cost effective as buying $50 of concrete and casting a habitat, vs buying the floating solar panel and wiring and such?

I think @Spark did try to do something with this.

And there was a lot, too much, talk of electro-depositing an entire ocean-going boat as the wire mesh floated around the ocean.


Problem is the need for electricity and non-corrosive structural components and supporting the entire structure while it is submerged, so the electrodeposition can occur.

Biorock/Seacrete/Seament has been widely discussed, both in this forum and in the older archived forum.

A structure like his artists concept could be made, but the waters have to be deep enough to keep the whole thing submerged during the electrodeposition process.

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What a great lil troll that was!

He died before the article at http://www.impactlab.net/2008/07/18/self-assembling-city-from-the-sea-autopia-ampere/ was published. There’s some generic link to biorock at the bottom of his wikipedia page.