Why people don't eat plankton?

(Oleg) #1

The whale shark feeds only on plankton and very big and fat. In the oceans a lot of plankton and it costs nothing. Why people don’t eat plankton?!!

(.) #2

I do not know. You could pioneer it. Lets us know how it works.


There are birds that eat berries that are poisonous to us. Lammergeiers can eat and digest bone. Parrot fish eat coral. Why don’t we? BECAUSE WE’RE NOT DESIGNED TO!

Whale Sharks do nothing but eat plankton all day, because the nutritional value of plankton is so low. We don’t really want to spend the whole day eating plankton…

Also, they have a hard exoskeleton, it would feel like eating sand.

(Bob LLewellyn) #4

Couldn’t get a good recipe.

(.) #5

The psychology of the question type: "why not?"
draws the explanation why not.
It kind of leads the conversation into a negative “not” direction.









(Bob LLewellyn) #11

JL, I said “good” recipe.
I lost my appetite.


Don’t knock it, 'til you’ve tried it…

(Chad Elwartowski) #13

Just like vegetables, humans were not meant to eat plankton. We let the animals process that food for us then we eat the animal.