Why hasn't anyone tried to do something with Bir Tawil?


I’m not just talking about saying it’s yours after planting a flag then going home. I’m talking about actually trying to build houses and stuff in it? Also, if someone did , would they be stopped by the surrounding countries?

(noboxes) #2
  1. You will need visa for the country you go thru to get to Bir Tawil.

  2. It’s already populated by peoples with a culture i do not understand.

  3. I don’t speak the language of the locals or of Egypt (which administers it).

  4. The environment is said to be inhospitable, no one wants to be there.

  5. Travel to-from there is difficult, aka pricey, and likely dangerous.

  6. There’s no easy access in any mode of travel for delivery-pickup of materials to keep you supplied-funded.

I once read such a place would be great for a robotic cordial takeover. The robots perform labor and provide security, solar provides power, eventually the place makes a profit. But it’s easier if it’s got lots of water for cooling, irrigation, and trading with. Somalia has all that. But that’s a different story.