Where to build and launch?


Is there no place on the usa shores, Gulf of Mexico, for someone to set up and build a boat, on the extreme cheap? Any place that running a body grinder on steel at 1am isn’t a problem? Where roaming dog packs aren’t going to happen? Is it still a world of “all for none and one for himself”?

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You are probably going to need to look northwards, the northern parts of Washington, New England, or even Alaska. Once you start moving into temperate waters (Virginia, the Carolinas, Florida, the Gulf, southern California) you are looking at prime real estate on the water so the price goes up tremendously and the amount of land available decreases.

Are you just looking for somewhere to test boat types? Does it have to be ocean? Because there might be more options available on the Great Lakes or on a large river that will give you access to pretty serious water, just not ocean.

Islands are another option. I found a few on privateislandsonline.com that are below $300k and range from 2 to 50 acres but many are on interior rivers or lakes.

100 acres of forest with over 5000 feet of beach on Gardner Lake in Maine for $200k
524 acre forested peninsula with 3.5 miles of shoreline on Second Lake in Maine for $725k
125 acres of very private land with lake access in Maine for $75k

Lots of options…

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In water there is marine time law. That is different from any local laws.
But that is a good question: where to build and launch.

So the building on water comes to my mind, and that is why I think
about those blocks, like the jenga kind of hull.
A small hull can be built on land and launched and enlarged in water.

The other is the geodesic dome: it can be built in water and it can be enlarged in water.

Small vessels might be needed to start something like that.

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So, another idea about where to build is somewhere in shallow water to start a steel structure,
and keep enlarging it. And do some biorock accretion on it, and finally float it to the top of the water.

Seems to me that construction in water is the way to go.

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How about somewhere close to Diamond Sholes?
Or may be the Atlantic is violent over there.


Not if there is almost no money at all. The situation with neighbors (next door and farther away) here is such that i will be putting into storage those items they will be trying to steal first, such as the two Generacs and the Seadoo. Then the stuff from inside the house will go to storage. By then i hope i have another boat finished i can get registered, before becoming homeless.

Not while living in the car. Been there, done that. Maybe i can stay in campgrounds along the southern coast. If the boat is reg’d, perhaps i can stay on it. It won’t be a large boat.

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There is one cheap thing left in California, and that is boat regustration: $10/2years for salt water.
Harbor hopping is possible. 5 days free mooring per harbor, and 6 harbors rince and repeate.
6 x 5 = 30 . O , so 5 days free mooring in each harbor per month.

Sailboat might cost. But I saw one , a 28ft cloumbia for $650.
I am not sure about insurance requirenments for harbor hopping. For docking, yes, about S150 / year.

Campgrounds in California, generally about S35 /night with car.
There is a so called hike and bike, for hikers and bikers $6/night.
One of the trick is to have a van, and a bicycle. Park the van on the street, bike to hike and bike for night.
In lots of towns they do not allow parking RVs on the streets. The trick is to have a van, not an RV.

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So usually no overnight parking of RVs on the streets.

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In Florida, it is different. Easier, I would think.
So safety is important. There aresome bridges, like the skyview bridge at St. Petersburg.
There is a $1.5 to cross. Ar each end of the bridge there are two rest areas with bathrooms,
and security guards. RVs are OK.
Walmarts allow overnight stays with RVs.

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There is only one place to look if you want to be free to do your thing so long as you don’t hurt someone, Venice Louisiana area. Bayou country.

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I could probably get away with building a boat sized structure at my house in Hudson, FL. Probably not a good idea to be up at 1am making a lot of noise but there have been plenty of people up all hours partying with music on and you can hear music from 2 different bars across the water until 1am so it wouldn’t be that big of a difference. I’d still probably reserve that stuff to working inside the garage.

As far as a very low cost setup, I have a friend who lives out of his van. He was staying at a house down the road from me on the water watching someone’s house while they were up north. If you can make a deal with someone with property on the water it might work out. There are plenty of places in Florida with canals that go out into the gulf. Plenty of open lots in there.


You are lucky. Why aren’t you building?

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House is rented, I live in Germany now.

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I have been there, I have seen it, more than twice.
I would like to verify, that is all true.
And yes, lots of parties, lots of noice, all the way to 2am.
I sleep good though.

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