When lightning strikes the poisson ivy: never

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There are a few interesting questions could be asked and researched.
One of it is: electro-chemical change of seawater.
The other idea is lightning strike. Lightning strike in water causes an effect
on fish or other living thing in water, humans too.
I wonder what kind of electrochemical changes happen in seawater
when lightning strikes. Low current electricity between electrodes causes
all kind of electro-chemical reactions: chlorine gas production, hydrogen, oxygen, sodium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, etc.

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The other interesting question could be electro-magnetism:
Electric current in a metallic wire causes magnetic field around the
conductive wire. Seawater conducts electricity, ( some).
A garden hose filled with seawater would conduct some electricity,
by the seawater conducting the electricity in the hose.
Would there be a magnetic field around a garden hose, filled with seawater,
when electricity is flowing through the seawater in the hose?
The hose could be coiled, and AC can be conducted in the seawater in the
hose. Would there be a magnetic field around such a conductor?

Can there be such conductors in nature that spontaneously develop like that? Are there such phenomenons?

(.) #3

Solar wind contains charged particles that travel with high speed in space.
The solar wind blows from the sun, outward. The solar wind goes around the
Earth, and sometimes causes Auroras.

The old TVs used a cathode ray tube, where charged particles travel from
the cathode toward the screen. Electro-magnetic coils are used to vary the
path and produce a picture on the screen. There is well documented
phenomenon of of the interaction of charged particles in vacuum and magnetic fields.

The core of Earth is liquid iron. Are there naturally occurring coils within
the Earth that interact with the solar wind through electro-magnetic fields?

Can there be naturally occurring seawater coils on Earth, that interact
with the solar wind, through electro-magnetic fields?