What do you think of this super fish farm?

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check this news link

the mentioned fish farm, i think, could be use for seasteading city too

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Modern fish farm
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Ocean Farm 1 is the world’s first offshore salmon farm.
It builds on the same fundamental principles as the semisubmersible installations used by the offshore oil and gas sector.


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so the city will rise fish underground for the main protein source?


There are a number of threads that include detailed information on that fish farm, even a couple of spinoff concepts.

IIRC, it is designed to have 8-12 fulltime personnel. Haven’t been keeping up with it, but first production of fish from it was supposed to be either this year, or next.

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so the city will rise fish underground for the main protein source?[/quote]

Yes, of course. About 70% of commercial fish world wide is raised in a fish farm. The problem is those farms are on land where the nitrates in the water from the fish, increases bad bacteria and sickens the fish. Therefore those farms need to be cleaned often with poisons of course. Fish farms will provide protein for the Mariners but also as an export.

However, we will also raise beef at sea, chicken and other such meats, here’s an article on that.

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thanks, i am reading that.

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