What defines success for a seastead?

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To a capitalist, success of a seastead would probably be defined as return on investment (ROI) or return on capital (ROC). High ROI and ROC would bring in both capital and human investment leading to growth of the seastead. Say a capitalist has $10M cash they’re looking to invest. Of many options, one is putting it into US equities (stock market) which in the long run returns about 6.5%. However, if they look and find this seastead has an ROC of perhaps 10% (or they at least believe it will be 10%), they’d rather take their $10M and place it into the seastead since they will get more bang for the buck (i.e. net an extra 3.5% over US equities).

Many things go into ROC. It all stems from having good business ideas. However, where seasteads can come in specifically would probably be regulations and taxation. Let’s say an entrepreneur has a business idea, but can’t execute it profitably (or at least higher than cost-of-capital) in their current jurisdiction because of out-dated regulations. They look at the new seastead, and see those regulations don’t exist and see an opportunity to execute their idea profitably.

A validation of higher ROI could be capital inflows, which means many investors think there are high returns to be made, which is why they are making the investments. Population inflows would be validation of good salaries to be made.


Who decides what ‘success’ means, when it comes to Seasteading?

He said/She said.

Each of us has our own ideas on even what a Seastead IS, let alone how it can be defined as successful, once it is even launched, however, there are none, as of yet, and nowhere dedicated to actually building, except a few backyard/garage/DIY projects.

THAT is something I am trying to change, but even the potential of such a place to build different things seems to be in contention, when it doesn’t exist and someone actively pursues THAT aspect, or even tries to define what they want to do in addition to having a place to merely build… Sure, rent a space and build your dream… Why not? Mostly because it is too expensive for the vast majority of us.

So far, this forum has one person actively seeking a suitable property to build and launch from, plus act as a support base for the normal things, such as mail handling and receiving supplies for those builders… 8 sign-ups, representing 9 people willing to either commit and move, or support that activity, one of them willing to commit makes it as a source of employment, be I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

This, despite several years of agreement in the forum that such a space is necessary, to even build.

Remember the discussion trying to find a way to convince TSI to buy a floating drydock to act as a liveaboard build-space?

@Octavian - You seem to know someone with room to potentially build… Why aren’t you doing it? At least you have your model,…

@noboxes - You’ve been building, but have nowhere for final assembly and launch… You’re one of the few that is willing to commit to and MOVE, as SOON as there is room to park stuff, as well as help put the facility together, even while essentially camping as it gets built.

Here is the first step to making that essential build-space available:
(even if we don’t all agree as to what that space should be capable of, at least room to build…)


I’m “doing it”. I’m in the “R&D stage”:

Purchased a boat and getting ready to cruise - ongoing.

Contacted https://www.reefrelief.org/ and set up meeting so we can discuss partnership - in June.

Take my boat down to the Lower Keys and search for location - July.


Good luck. I’m still slogging through real estate listings, to find the most suitable site, myself.


How about a seastead that was already fit for waterways?




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And ironically, that barge comes apart for transport, each side hull carrying a portion of the overhead bridge that runs between the barges when in service. The page stipulates the barge will be in transport condition when ready for pickup by the winning bidder, so i’d still need a place to assemble it. As if i’d have the deposit cash, the winning bid, the transport costs, and the commercial site to anchor or tie up as a home.

It would make a nice starter seastead, if modified. The bridge that comes with it does not extend across the hulls themselves, and it’s a very tall structure. If the superstructure was lowered by 50%, and the bridge widened to extend over the width of the hulls, there would be a lot of deck space available, plus the structure would tolerate higher sea state stresses.


Yeap, right… 4500 TON? “Starter”?

Yeap, “modified” to a 100 ton one!

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Well, you are one of those who want a large communal town-sized barge. There is it, possibly pretty cheap for what it is. It’s overly tallness is going to make it break apart when the waves get grip on those hulls tho.


I have never stated such stupidity. You got to be daze and confused. Plus, you’re off the topic.

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Thanks for the summation: stupid, daze(d), confused, and off topic.


I said “such stupidity”, implying on my part. Reading problems? Or you like to play victim here?

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Whatever you say. I am tired of trying to be a worthy part of anything involving humans. You could not simply deny saying something, you had to find and point out possible problems in me also. You have changed our discussion from “defining success in a seastead” to “suggesting character flaws and refuting them”.

It is interesting how bullies mistate something like giving up, to be a flaw, and another place to attack. I am not giving up on myself, i have given up on you and TSI.


Bravo! I’m proud of you.

About time to do your own thing without constant supervision,…

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You have no right to be proud of me, and there’s been no supervision. You in particular have made no positive contribution to my life in general or to my seasteading efforts. My only conclusion from interacting with you is you aren’t welcome on my place.

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• | serious oceanic construction | what is out there already | solving the technology bottleneck |

The Tanka are doing this floating hut thing for 1200 years now … not really a “success” from my point of view…rather a model that is obviously "not on its way to a modern independent sea city "

• it is not about floating out something - it is about floating out something that makes a difference…
• it is about setting an important waypoint on the evolutionary line…towards independent floating cities…
• It is about creating "the big real estate paradigm shift | P.K.Mehta is talking about |

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• | ocean colonization technology | oceanic business | the big five of ocean colonization | seasteading colors and tastes |

…if you want to live the life of a Tanka - get a pile of driftwood - or a boat - and you are in. If that is what you want …good luck …“claiming this as seasteading” is…(833 silent listeners chose a phrase ending…)

• premature
• hearttouching
• non realistic
• cutting edge
• so exciting how can i sign in
• certainly an angle you can take
• not the angle i am looking at it

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| what is the difference | Tanka | Venice | historical floating cities | historical marine cultures | marine empires | solving the technology bottleneck |

…everybody is endorsed to his personal opinion - but not to his personal facts - this is a handfull of huts on a pile of driftwood (On the Mekong ) and Tanka in boats … some modern people really do that check on:

| Floating Neutrinos | Richi Sowa | Gerd Weiland | Yachties |

• is this relevant - ? depends on your view angle.
• will this lead you to a phase1 investor conversation, and facilitate the rise of New-Venice and New-Atlantis - honestly doubt it - but you go and try - and tell me how it went…

let´s embrace plurality in this movement…it is of many colors and tastes…

Good Luck !

In our group we expect New-VENICE and New-Atlantis to rise along advanced cement composite shell technology

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It is not that I want to engage in controversy, though I like the floating houses.
Seems to be a bit low tech, but I have not seen it from close up.
And it can be brought up to higher tech just by a cell phone and a solar panel.
Water purification system could work too, and some tech stuff to solve bathrooms.

It is just a statement, a kind of monologue of my opinion.