What can/will be a host nation?

(Oleksii Konashevych) #1

Hi, seasteaders!
A couple of years ago there were talks about 1 phase of seasteading project. But I could not find any final decision what country will be the host nation.

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Hi Alexei, I see you ve been lurking but this is your first post, Welcome!

Rather than a host nation what is required is a place to build and launch. A proper phase one seastead should be able to move across territorial waters anyway and have a building site to expand at sea.

*Minimum building site
*No interference zone starts as soon as you float

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Dear Matias,
Yes, thank you. This is my first post in a new version of the forum.
But I observe seastead project progress since 2009.
A place to build and launch surely is important.

But I was really interested in a host place. I wonder what are the options?

(Matias Volco) #4

@konashevich it’s likely that will be decide by whoever fronts the initial investment. Not sure if there are obvious parameters, but probably somewhere more flexibily regulated than the States.
The Caribbean would be a good pool to start. What is your view?

(Wilfried Ellmer) #5

@konashevich | great that you decided to communicate - welcome - let us hear your thoughtlines.
when you say: [quote=“konashevich, post:3, topic:1639”]
observe seastead project progress since 2009

what is your personal view on the development ?


So far, the only project being built is a combination residence/floating hull construction/repair shop, by a former member of the forum. The next thing planned is my own incubator site, to have a place folks can come build, along with my modeling for wave-tank testing, followed by my own build of a self-sufficient floating residence and then expand that, with IMTA (Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture.Aquapoonics) and probably some separate, flating, themed guest suites,

Should have the incubator site within 2 years, on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Plan to begin tooling up and building my own hull within 2 years, and intend to float-out within the next 5, after the incubator site is up.

TSI has dreams of building a 50 meter by 50 meter barge hull and building on that, and is in negotiations with several countries, over mooring and self management. I believe the current prospect is for the UAE, though that is subject to change.

As far as this forum goes, that appears to be the main thrust of getting out and afloat. There may be other projects not affiliated with this forum.

Jeff Frusha

(Oleksii Konashevych) #7

There is no place (suitable for life) left on the earth free from any state’s jurisdiction.
In my view, seasteading should become a real alternative to the political and social constants for people who see their future differently.

I’ll be cautiously to any seasteading project if:

  • it is the part of any project of a transnational corporation
  • applies traditional way of governance and politics and permanently dependent to any jurisdiction
  • doesn’t suppose direct participation of all its members in decision-making and based on someone’s monoply power.

I see a lot of ideas which could change the world for better but they faced with a lot of barriers.
So my “ideal” ocean city is a free from social inertia city. Social inertia is the main thing which stops progress and social changes and leads to conflicts.

For instance I live in Ukaine and as a lawyer I see how the corruption deeply paralyzed the society. The elite parasites on society robbing people and national wealth.

To change something I have to come to grips. But is that the thing that me and many people want?
Spend their lives in а struggle? Many people want to build up freely and do good to society, knowing that their works will not be taken by parasites.
Many talented creative peolple could focus their efforts on what they do best.

One modern marine city could do more for humankind then all people separatly trying to change something.
It is known in microeconomics such notion as “competition of nations” - means that governments are compelled to create better life for their citizens, under the pressure that such changes occur in other countries.
Therefore, achievements of a marine state could cause a lot of changes in the world.

So what I my personal view on the development?

I see that builiding costs of a seastead is too high. I belive I could be more cost effective.
I am not specialist in technical details but for instance in my country many goods cost less then in EU. Goods and technologies can cost less.

Too high price may lead to dependence from transnational capitals.
But I still hope that this project could be rised by crowdfunding. This is the only way to start totally indepenent project.

I think Seasteading Institute could move more intensively.
And the most important thing which the institute could do is to popularise the idea of seasteading in the world. Along with a clear view on the future project, that is base of cowdfunding success.

To be continued…

(Matias Volco) #8

Most likely, perhaps that´s what I meant by somewhere less regulated than the USA (or the EU).

No huge upfront investment, gradual, organic growth might just be the key for intensity.

(Paul) #9

The concept of buying off-plan may be a way of funding; either that or timeshares.


Whether anyone else likes it, or not, I plan for the US to be my host nation…

I’m not looking for special privileges, not expecting preferential treatment, just planning to establish a permanent mooring, and tie-up to it. I maintain my citizenship, maintain my access to medical care, etc.

Then again, my concept centers around the origination terminology, as a homestead for the sea, not building floating condos.

Jeff Frusha


I see no problem with “homesteading on water” within US territory, Jeff. That allows space for experimentation, without having to recreate every important component of civilization.

I think, ultimately, there will be independent floating communities in open waters. But experimentation can happen anywhere.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #12

• The answer could be - ocean colonization will start in many ways, many colors, and many projects…
• It could also be French Polynesia if TSI gets its way and nobody else does anything…


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Staying in the US does seem reasonable. Allows the project to focus more on technical aspects, which future seasteads can learn from regardless of their other ambitions. Plus, even just being under “only” federal jurisdiction could in some ways be less restrictive than additionally being in any particular state/city/county/township.


So, a year later, we have a chance to do this… Get one Incubator Site started… That site, since I am planning to pay the mortgage, will be my homestead, using my tax exemption and my State property financing benefit as a Disabled Veteran. It WILL offer sites to come and build individual vessels to launch.

My order of business is:
A) Acquire the site (with an initiation Grant from TSI)
B) Offer to rent building sites to those that want to build their vessels
C) Secure the premises against walk-on/off thievery (gates, etc.)
D) Build a suitable Ramp to launch from and return to for repairs.

(Alexander Tomasik) #17

How about Iran?

I heard that they’ll probably be a lot of land for sale soon.:smile:


Turkey has better booze and shipyards… Just sayin’