Violence in international politics is still a strong kung fu - doubth that - oceanic business alliance

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The idea was rised that violence is still a base for international relations, the news where presented as proof of theory…

Today real power lays in economics and money - not in violence and weapons. Money can move around the globe in a blink of an eye and it moves out of conflict zones. Violence is disruptive and bad for business.

I a globalized container trade world, xenfobic, nationalist, interruptive, neandertal behavior legislation and enforcement practics becomes increasingly INCONVENIENT…

Nobody can get anything good out of interrupting trade and good oceanic relations. If container supply lines start to crumble any city in the world is starving within 3 days because the supermarket shelves are empty.

Nations still insisting in “intervention based on weapons” pay a increasingly high price every time they do so. Pumping money in the “subdue project” instead getting money out of a “occupied country”.

To understand what is really going on in our world beyond the smoke screen of the news check the netto money flow. of active warzones…

Would these sea steads have a military?
The economic size and standing matters
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Is this atoll in any EEZ?
The end of violence in international relationships
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The economic size and standing matters
(Jonas Smith) #2

The thugs always get their way. Gunboat politics obsolete? I think not.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #3

Unfortunatly for swizerland it can not disconnect from the european union and float to open ocean - so in this case "the thugs get their way…correct. But there are still 50% of all assets offshored without Swizerland being part of it anymore…and when Swizerland adopts this due to pressure - the money is gone already, the thugs get Swizerland but not the control over the economic muscle - it is like a lizzard offering the tip of its tail to the predeator to live happy and free - elswhere - The subdue to nobody model is the new Swizerland now…and blockchain banking will be the “swiss numbered bank account” of the future. Swizerland lasted in this (make money safe from thugs) segment from the Templar Order (the cross in the flag) until our time - its time is over now - it has been replaced by something better…another reason why nobody who thinks that trough, is really looking for “copy the obsolete model of a grounded state like Swizerland” with a seastead when having “free banking” in mind…

And to come back to the thread theme - the putting of Swizerland “in line” with the European Union was not involving weapons and violence - only the “de facto pressure of economics”…what is different.

In fact this is a good example why sovereign states do not exist anymore - and did never exist in reality.

(Jonas Smith) #4

Those assets are sitting in banks and properties that are just as susceptible to seizure as the ones in Switzerland, maybe even more so.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #5

suceptible to seizure ?? :smile: beg to differ…i think the thugs trying to get all economy under their national political control are fighting a lost battle uphill against technology and enlightenment values…flooding into a global internet society each day less willing to get subdued by anybody. Mobilis in Mobili is on the table. The box of pandora is wide open and nobody can put things to the old status of “grounded national states controling anything” - for good or for bad anymore.

(Jonas Smith) #6

You, sir, are very naive:

“at least 10 banks in Switzerland, Israel, and India are currently under criminal investigation for allegedly aiding and abetting tax fraud by U.S. depositors. Switzerland’s oldest bank, Wegelin & Co., was indicted in federal court in New York, had its correspondent bank accounts in the U.S. seized, and eventually pleaded guilty and paid fines and penalties in excess of $70 million. Most recently, several account holders at Israeli banks have been charged with, and pleaded guilty to, concealing foreign accounts. It is widely expected that additional foreign banks will either cut deals with the U.S. or face criminal charges for their roles in helping Americans evade taxes and more names from banks all over the world will be turned over to the IRS.”

“In early February 2011, these real estate developers, father Mauricio Cohen Assor and his son Leon Cohen-Levy, were each sentenced to ten years imprisonment for utilizing undeclared foreign HSBC accounts and foreign entities such as Panama and Bahamas corporations in order to avoid U.S. taxation.”

Most certainly doesn’t look like they are losing an uphill battle.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #7

you see this is what causes the exodus of the megarich and seasteading could well have a opt in offer for them… :blush: The quest for a new land of the free (originaly a American dream) is on…

And 50% of all business assets are STILL offshored - so who is winning - the controlers or the break free party ?

(Jonas Smith) #8

What can you offer? “Give your money to us, we’ll keep it safe”? Ha, if it isn’t safe in Switzerland or Israel or India what makes you think a floating marina can do any better?

From the look of recent court rulings, I’d have to say it’s the controllers. Those people who have moved their assets to other countries are getting the message and giving the thugs what they want.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #9

Everybody is endorsed to his viewpoint … money streams will decide.
If the controlers win rapid progress and with it sustainability is at risk. Freedom is a key ingredient of the human project. read more: upcomming - and seasteading is the last hope for freedom.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #10

I don’t think a seastead phase 1-2 can do better to avoid the control bulleys but a seastead phase 3 and beyond (City size) probably will find a way to do better using economic power, oceanic mobility and blockchain technology in its favor . :relaxed: see business model “New Venice”

(Sheldon Robertson) #11

Wealth is already flowing into bitcoin to avoid capital controls and taxes. It’s not just for reefer and pizza anymore.

(Jonas Smith) #12

Bitcoin and blockchain isn’t immune from “strong kung fu”:

I doubt even a large city-sized seastead that has gained sovereignty could defend against the US if large wealthy nations like Switzerland and India can’t.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #13

In a linked global world everything is influenced by everything and everybody wins and looses small fights to implement or to block new developments - but we should not loose the “big perspective” over the small scale news. 50% of all assets are out of grip already - it is more probable that the other 50% will follow to freedom than that they will be put back “under control”.

Bitcoin may not be immune - but as “first intent” (of about 30 more to come) it is doing surprisingly well. Confirming the main theory of this thread “violent nationalistic control fu is weaker every day”, free economics fu becomes stronger and stronger. It is the unevitable way that we took since enlightenment. It took a great leap with internet and far from being reversed it is accelerating… :blush: Seasteading might have a role in this just as Venice “the floating city” with the “free spirited oceanic economy”, that invented “free banking and exchange” in first place, did.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #14

I think they do a good job in having a grade of independence that is convenient. So do city states like Monaco and Singapore, they may turn in when it is convenient, but this is not a sign of “violent subdue” it is a sign of economic intelligence rather a “opt in” than a “subdue” - to interprete that as a “point for violence” is not a realistic world view.

Like always if you really want to know what is going on in our world and what is happening don’t follow the news they are just entertainment and smoke screen - follow the money flow … this is where real power is located in our globalized and networking world.

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