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It’s good to know you can rely on your colleague. While I was headed to Moscow to introduce business leaders to the Floating Island Project (video forthcoming), our friend and partner Greg Delaune, who accompanied us at his own expense to Tahiti to help us present to President Fritch, offered Randy the keynote spot at the UIX Global Urban Innovation Exchange.

Randy didn’t disappoint. We wanted to give our supporters the first sneak-preview of what we hope to accomplish for seasteading in 2017.

As we approach the end of the year, I hope you’ll support our next important steps to the seas. Please donate whatever you are comfortable giving, whether it’s $25, $100, $1000, or $10,000 – whether it’s a one-time donation or if you sign up as a monthly supporter – your contribution will be valuable to us as we prepare to launch the first seastead.

For Seasteading,

Joe Quirk, Seavangelist and Author

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@RandolphHencken | can we hear the investor pitch | deck ? - or do you rather prefer not to expose that to the public ?


• Floating City Project
• Seas as new frontier | unleash opportunities
• key role of regulation | escape regulation
• try out new things is important
• startups change the world
• replicate what startup companies do for governments
• cruiseships as floating islands
• South Corea floating islands
• 2020 first TSI seastead
• Host nation | welcome us | in exchange of economic benefit
• first step shore near | plugg into existing supply chains
• business hub
• earth from space | planet water
• Polynesia President invite MOU | further meetings
• sustainable economy and development
• special economic zones
• special jurisdictions
• self governing unities
• flag of convenience | contract law | oceanic
• seazones piggiback on what is reality for cruiseships already
• seasteads more benefitial to host nations due to closer interweave than cruiseships
• last for centuries not years
• fonseca project modular platforms 50 mil USD per platform 500 per squfoot
• Dutch aquatic partners
• survey 500/squ foot real estate goal
• dutch pavillon technology
• cool water in the lagoons coral bleaching
• benefit for sealife
• french polynesia is our pilot project
• capture nurients from agriculture run off
• floating island fits into existing bungalow landscape
• startup company spin off based on Bart Roeffen design
• polynesian as original seasteaders evolutionary process of exit and choice
• desperate need of economic development
• tourism down 40%
• huge opportunity
• one product : paradise
• export seasteading tech from polynesia
• start protective lagoon
• eventually in open waters
• seasteading book comming out in march joe quirk simon schuster

Seasteading Book | comming out in March | Simon & Schuster
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@joequirk | sounds like you are on the way to another important endorsement - Congrats !