Video Game Simulation of Seasteading (SimSeastead)?

(Trane DePriest) #1

Has anyone considered (I’m sure they have) creating a Seasteading version of the popular game SIMcity? We could visualize all kinds of models (economics, social, transportation, even food distribution). Please post any helpful links if you’re aware of any activity in this area…

(Bob LLewellyn) #2

Never heard of anyone doing any such thing, sounds like a business opportunity. Can you write such a program?

(Trane DePriest) #3

I am getting certified in Unity 3D game development (mostly for AR development), so it’s something I’ve thought about as a tangible way I could contribute towards the “cause” and become a “blue-entrepreneur”

Here are some existing Unity3D assets that can be seen as an inspiration or as a starting point:

  • BusiSim economic Framework; Model your desired resources, buildings and their dependencies with the integrated GUI Build the source code, add the BusiSim-Objects to your scene
  • Terra Shift - Hexagon, Card, Turnbased, World-Simulation: In TerraShift you are a god! You have to change the world and use abilities to defend a village against droughts and beasts. After 30 years your score will be the largest number of houses the village once contained.
  • Gaia Eternal is a crafting and civilization building sim. The main idea is to grow a planet-sized civilization from raw natural resources.
  • The Universim aims to revive the glory days of the god-game genre, and bring it into the new generation with fresh ideas and ambitious gameplay. …Your citizens will make their own decisions and always seek to better the civilization in some way, but, at times, things may not always go to plan.

And there are dozens of elements that can be “cobbled” together to build one from scratch…
I was just wondering if anyone had seen anything like this applied to simulate either TVP/TZM’s or Seasteading’s socio/economic/governance models on the water.

(saito_koriel) #4

There’s a game out there. A developer in England. Can’t recall the name… You’ll have to search.

(Trane DePriest) #5

can you give me a little more to go on? I’m very interested in comparing it to what I have in mind… was it specifically SEASTEADING, or just build your own island, or…?

(saito_koriel) #6

It’s called sea-steader:

(Chad Elwartowski) #7

I started on one using UnReal Engine a few months ago. Got sidetracked though.

Was going more toward an Age of Empires look approach as far as strategy game goes. Would like to get back into it when I get a chance.

(Gavin Brown) #8

Sounds like a brilliant idea. Great way to gain solid hypothetical data of potential issues before actually building anything. You could try different building configurations, structural design and throw different types of disasters at it


In the PlayStation game SOMA, there is a representation of FLiP ship as a sunken supply vessel…

(Trane DePriest) #10

the Poly-tech institute in French Polynesia is developing a game for mobile. I don’t know much about the details tho…

(Chad Elwartowski) #11

I’ve been playing seasteader.

I can’t say it is very relevant to seasteading other than that instead of it being a strategy game on land it is on water and it allows you to harvest sand, oil, fish and oysters (the only things that are relevant).

Fun enough game anyway.