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The Tahiti Seastead convention

This got to be the worst “single family seastead design” I’ve seen in a looooooong time!!


What’s up with the posted “Constraints”??

I quote from the website:

“If purchased by itself, roll-stability needs to be considered. If tied to a dock or to another structure, it can be safe and stable, but should not be used where it will be exposed to large wave activity without support from other structures that will keep it from rolling in waves.”

Really… Why not drop a keel on it then?? DAAAHHH.

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I do like underwater concepts and would love to have a complimentary underwater home and above water home, or maybe like a storm shelter at least. I’m not so sure about the pill form design, I think a sphere makes more sense but think it would be interesting to see one of these get built. Though it appears to be made for the surface.

Their connected design seems like it could be fairly stable if moored on 3 sides…


It’s a surface unit.

True. But to form the rest of the island you’ll need to raft up more of those Bermuda configs. Therefore you’ll need the “in between floating connecting hardware” to be built. That will add significantly to your overall project cost.

Also, under the “island config”, what’s the point of ocean living when 2/3 of the dwellings don’t have ocean front view??


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Ya, the design does well for those that are paranoid about the waves. The platform inter-connectivity would be a whole other cost on top of just the structures.

Most seasteads will have much of their dwellings on the interior, especially the larger they are. Otherwise you have to have many tiny islands if everyone wants to live on the ocean front.

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Oceanfront view? Waves get pretty boring after a while.

The benefit to living close to the ocean is primarily access, view schmew.


LOL. You forgot to add “IMHO”…

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Congratulations !

I like the design.

Rolling of a single tube could be a problem.
The double tube multi-hull style might fix that.

I think, it would be good to see a prototype.


IMHO think the double tube is going to have serious issues with the connections. Each tube will want to move around all 3 axis, at different rates. A 4-link ladder bar suspension is designed to try to restrict movement to a roughly vertical arc, and they’re going to need stronger connecting points. Add a storm and it gets worse.

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I like the spar configuration:

Could there be back and forth transition between the spar and
the float house configuration?

The price is a bit high, but that is just a start, and the price might come down.

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One configuration would be possible to make a spar structure
closer to the size of the Flip Ship. May be.

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Somewhere n their description they talked about slip forming in the water to make longer spars.


How 'bout them apples? We discussed it in here, I even documented ways to do it…, but, what do I know?

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Some of the folks there have participated here. I like that they are trying to move ahead and not arguing so much.



Are you the founder of this venture, Chad? If so, congratulations, I hope you will attain success.

However, I have looked at your website and found several problems that I’m suggesting you address soon

  1. There is no mention of who is in charge of the project or even who are its current staff member. There’s probably a mention of it in one of your blogs, but millenials are generally opinionated and lazy. As the saying goes, "Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat’. Don’t look down on the financial power of millenials. One of my backers is a 19 years old boy who became rich when Yahoo bought up Chinese web assets in 2012. Many of our financial backers are young people under 25 years of age. What I’m suggesting is that you put the summary of your organization alongside who’s in charge of the organization at the footer of your website, probably between ‘Search’ and ‘Privacy Policy’.

  2. Although your website is very clean, it doesn’t show the most important things that people want to know. And that is the faces of the organizers and why they should trust these people they don’t know. My suggestion is adding an ‘About Us’ tab on top which links to a page where the organizers and important staff members (with their faces and maybe social media address) are displayed for anyone to see and verify. I’m sure you can get investors as is, but this way, you are making it easy for your investors and your casual surprise guests to support your project. Well, our project don’t do this though, because we find our investors face to face.

  3. I won’t comment on the size but I will comment about the shape. While the vertical one looks fairly normal and even cool, the horizontal pods will be a problem. Chiefly, because it’s round. While rounded structures are stronger in both compression and decompression, modern human beings are too used to square structures. We are naturally repelled by the idea of a rounded wall. So my suggestion if you are going to modify the design, is to make it less round where it matters, which brings me to the fourth point.

  4. Although this design looks nice, you’re not giving your buyers a chance to evolve. Humans evolve and humans love making changes to their homes, customizing it to fit their personality. Sure, you can build it in the Bermuda or Maran configuration, but that doesn’t give the impression of a single house, it looks more like “Yo neighbour!” kind of setting. So my suggestion is, ‘flatten the sides’. That way, two or more pods can be attached together in series instead of being tethered together. If you want more sunlight, you can make the side windows slanted upward. It would also make the structure more durable against storms because your pods are directly connected by via its walls instead of a pylons. Also, look at the door, can you imagine how much of a pain in the ass it would be to personalize that door?

You can take the above advice or ignore it, it’s cool. It’s your project and it’s a free advice. This post is not to put you down or anything. I just sincerely want to help because I want you to succeed and also because Larry has been generous with his information via mail. We haven’t poured over it in its entirety yet, but the things we saw looked promising. Anyhow, your project, whether it’s successful or not, will serve as a good research material for our project. We have a small research budget and our investors are reluctant to spend more. So although it’s not a design we’d choose, we look at your projects with great interest so that we can learn from you and avoid wasting a 20 million dollars concrete barge.

All the best.

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Not my project. I just created a new thread since it was brought up in another thread but I felt it deserved its own.

I do know who the person is running it though. He was at the Tahiti conference.

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