Used car tires and some pioneer spirit

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weaving…multidimensional word there. I guess the largest, cheapest, 100% seaworthy “private yachts” that can be assembled at sea, including an extensive network of safety equipment. ie floating gangplanks, anchors, rodes, wave dampening arrays, and “sea brakes”. In essence a mobile seastead, completely off grid,non registered, non commercial, and minimally regulated.

just gravity/chain block. 300 lbs seams a good estimate.

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I also had an idea of modular boat building: the jenga boat:


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Cool. A monohull design for “tire tubes”. Seems to be plenty of supporting information that superglue will bond tires together at greater than material strength of the tires themselves. Just have to keep it from getting wet, Maybe a line of cyanoacrylate filled with rubber dust in the middle of two lines of marine adhesive caulk.The jenga model could be a 120L ft x 20W ft x 3 1/2D mini tire hauling cargo ship. Your model disappeared before I got done converting blocks into tires… but it was around 2000 tires, and could haul 5000 more used tires, 4500 of them already cut into treads and side walls on shore. Maybe it would be better at 180 ft. 4500 tires and could haul 11,250 tires, same draft.That is still feasible to load in one night. Maybe Bolsa Chica channel, I’ll park next to side of railing on sunset bridge and roll them off the truck you pick them up downstream (outgoing tide). Very quiet at night there, no questions. Its a dead end into the closed at night marina silp rental office. 4 trips back and forth to a self storage a few miles away. Actually channel is probably wide enough to toss them right down onto the ship.

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