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Looking at possibly returning to school. Texas A&M has 2 campuses with ocean engineering programs… At least get someone to listen and look at my ideas, maybe get some modeling and wave-tank testing done, in collaboration with UT.




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Need more Univs involved alone for Seasteading: Hawaii, Mexico, Caribbean, FL, Australia alone.


As far as I can tell NONE are involved… yet… Heck, Tx A&M doesn’t know anything. I should hear from them tomorrow, and begin the conversation about me going back to school.

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APRIL 2017
American Bureau of Shipping

The marine and offshore industries regularly develop an asset such as a marine vessel or an offshore unit incorporating new technologies that have no service history in the proposed application or environment. An asset becomes a novel concept if the incorporation of any new technology(ies) appreciably alters its service scope, functional capability, and/or risk profile as it introduces proposed applications that have not been proven in the marine and offshore industry; and would therefore be considered novel. These new technologies may be so different from existing designs that the requirements contained in ABS Rules/Guides or industry standards may not be directly applicable to them. The ABS Guidance Notes on Qualifying New Technologies can be used to qualify these new technologies by confirming their ability to perform intended functions in accordance with defined performance requirements.


The TAMU Ocean Engineering Academic Advisor seems interested in my ideas. I mentioned both my Ramform and semis submersible concepts, the Japanese puffer-fish bottom structure concept and IMTA ideas. May have to use the Fresh Start program together in, dumping most of my past college credits. Next step will be contacting VocRehab, to see what they have to say…

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