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I know of several public ramps too far away from stuff to do anything but drive, and with no taxi service. And if i want to get steel plate, a taxi won’t carry it anyhow, a trike can pull a baby trailer. A trike takes up half the space on the boat that a car would, and the trailer can be stood on end in a corner, even outside. In some usa states, a trike isn’t required to carry car insurance, and if i am not on land for months at a time, why should i pay for insurance? Having a trike or motorcycle onboard means i am not paying storage for a car on land.


This may sound dumb, but, in general most electric bicycles/tricycles and quads with pedal assist (either direct, or pedal-generator, usually) don’t need insurance, or registration. Then it’s a matter of battery power vs expected load…


Here is an example of where i might want to hit the ramp long enough to offload a trike. Directly south of where it says “Oreole Beach” there’s a while blob, that’s a public boat ramp (you can zoom in to see it). Note it’s in a very well populated area, but it’s still a mile north to reach the highway (Gulf Breeze Parkway) where the grocery store is 1/2 mile to the east. There’s a Walmart and a Lowes a few more miles to the east from there. Miles further up, there’s a NAPA auto parts and a Tool Shack. Now go back to where you are straight north of the boat ramp, and go miles west, the other side of the nature reserve, there’s a hospital and some other stuff. I drove that highway one day, they were burning the nature reserve to the ground. The fire was “prescribed” and it naturally got out of hand, it’s how they do things in Fla. I have not been to that ramp, i have been to another out there, and know of a third public ramp on that shoreline, and there’s likely more. So yes, there’s places where it would be handy to have a quicky self-sufficient way to travel 10 or 20 miles on land and get 100lbs of food, 300 gallons of gas and jugs of oil, a few clothes, see a movie, get a few boat parts, make a day of it, and not pay a marina $75 to park there for 6 hours. I know of other ramps close to places that sell steel plate.


(Note: I’m replying directly to the original post, and attempting to stay closer to nominal topic.) Here’s a short outline of my skills and experience:

Location: Boston, MA USA

Education: B.S. (applied science), M.S., Ph.D. (aeronautical and astronautical engineering)

Publications (about 20, including one US patent), in mostly robotics and feedback/controls; but also spanning particle physics, construction automation, and sensor design.

Professionally, I mostly design, build, test and maintain embedded/real-time software/high-reliability software. I also do a little mechanical and electrical design.

IMHO, designing high-reliability systems is good background for seasteading, at least so far as attitude – thinking lots about failure mechanisms and how to design to be as robust as possible, even with those potential failures lurking.

Relevant(?) seasteading experience:

Undergraduate volunteer experience at Scripps Institute of Oceanography (albeit long ago, on the physical oceanography side.)

Hands on concrete experience, including making test cylinders for 7 and 28 day strength tests (while working at NIST.gov in the Building and Fire Research Laboratory, BFRL.) Believe it or not, my Ph.D. research (nominally in Aero/Astro) included making forms for and pouring two massive (for me, at the time) robot bases, ballpark 1500 lbs each.

I’m no expert in concrete or big civil/marine building projects, but my NIST colleagues were concrete and steel experts, and I learned at least a little from them about design with reinforced concrete.


Fair enough. I guess I’m just used to more Irish scale towns where pretty much everything is within an hours walk of the harbour.

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I get the internet. Post must be at least 20 characters.

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Automation specialist from the offshore energy sector signing on. Expertise, Industrial automation/mechatronics, power plant systems, offshore oil and gas.
Instrumentation, programming, electrical field work. CAD savvy.
Presently based out of houston texas, but I work all over the world.


Welcome to the aquarium. Jump in and have a nice swim.

My great-grandfather designed a system for offshore oil and gas, that’s still in use, some 50+ years later. That whole thing of clamping a form around a pipe and pouring cement from a boat… Designed it on a diner napkin, for free.

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