Unique talents and who owns them


Welcome to the pool! Jump on in and have a swim around! Don’t be afraid to ask and don’t be offended when folks say it’s been discussed, just dig in and find what you can, then ask more questions. You’ll quickly find we’re all opinionated and most tend to be outspoken for our own personal pet version. I was in the old forum, and recently came back after a hiatus. Dig into the archives, as well. There is a lot of knowledge to be had. Generally, I promote my concept, but if I find something to support other ideas, I try to post it, or come up with an image to show an idea.

(Janine) #62

HI I’m Janine
I currently live in Gig Harbor, Wa. I’m a technical artist . Are there any other people close to Seattle I can connect with? I work in large scale design and construction. I’m very interested in learning more about Sea Steading and participating in Ephemerisle next year.


Howdy, from Texas! Jump in and have some fun.


Hi Janine. What kind of construction do you draw for?

(Janine) #65

I do some design, but I’m a public artist. I can work in glass, wood, metal, plastics. Not great in 2D. I can create sculptures, set design, window displays, floats. Yes, I’m a ex burner, I worked technical support for the BM Artery. Nimby and Crucible out of the Bay Area. Education in hardware engineering, and Networking Telecom.


[!Perk!] As in electronics design? Or the drafting of designs? Or ergonomics of front panel layouts? My working background is in electronics design, building circuits to do what’s desired (circuit design, pcb taping, fabrication). And some programming. I’m also generally handy with mechanical systems, from engine rebuild to welding something new. Currently making jig to hold the steel plates in the shape of a floatie so i can weld them there.

(Janine) #67

I was a Wan Telecom Eng. for Lucent, Hewlett Packard. I built central offices, from the ground up. Soft ware, hardware install, construction, computer support, I have worked in the high tech industry for 30 years. Now I’m the Art Commissioner for Gig Harbor. I build fun stuff…

(Janine) #68

Oh I also have a friend with whom I’m playing with his full size CNC.


Well, color me jealous. I have a Bridgeport knee mill sitting out in the woods for over 10 years now, i have not spent 10 minutes with it since delivery. The neighbors have dogs, and the DA’s office has given them control of my property, so many things have not been done since, such as the building to enclose the mill. Yep, lotta rust on it now. The tarp blew off after a few years, dogs wouldn’t let me re-cover it. I built a desktop pcb driller/router, i took a lot of grief over the color of the shaft couplers for the steppers, i ended it by cutting it up with a torch and scrapping the remains. There will be no dogs, humans, or gods on or near my seastead.

(Janine) #70

Yes, its pretty limited to just cutting out shapes . its a 3 axis not a five. I wanted to trick it in into 3d but didn’t have the time to spend… I found my self wandering off into three d printing and never got back to the project. So much fun stuff to learn ands make. Really I need to spend some time reading on these sites and see how I can contribute best. I would love to find some people around Seattle to collaborate with. Lots a un-used boats around here that need retrofitting.


Between @outdoorsJ9 and @gooseus I’m feeling decisively outclassed. Great to have such wonderfully talented individuals joining the community.

I’d love to move to an area with more seasteaders but unfortunately the nature of nationalism doesn’t allow for such things :confused: Maybe if the TPP goes through there might be some hidden lining involving free movement of workers or something.

(Larry G) #72

There are a couple of us in the Portland/Vancouver area.

(Janine) #73

Cool, nice to meet you. How many years have you been going. Which is best, being your a little bit away from the bay area. Rent a house boat or trailer and sail? I know a few people involved in this event, Evo, ,Chicken John, Danger Ranger from my burning man/Bay area days. It looks like there is a main communal area then people have their own private boats moored out a ways. I have only found the Facebook page and this giving any data about the logistics of the event. What is the best way to get connected? If I was in the bay it would be easier…

(Janine) #74

Out classed? Confirmed Pirate… no class here :smile:

(Larry G) #75

The wife and I have a 27’ Bayliner cabin cruiser. We’ve never had her in the salt but she is capable.

The wife has been river boating for 6 or 7 years. I’ve been interested in Seasteading an libertarian movements for a long time. I’m a more casual river boater, but interested in off-grid homesteading, island building and floating seasteads.

Honestly, I probably won’t indulge in Ephemerisle. not as currently incarnated in SF Bay. Doesn’t seem all that productive towards seasteading to me. Not much of a partier these days, either.

I would be more interested in local/regional gatherings and workshops in the Columbia River Basin or in Puget Sound. I’d be more than happy to trailer up to the Sound for a long weekend or a few days.


I hear you, on that. At almost 53 and a grandfather, I’d be more interested in having a rwgtg that is more about doing something, with some celebrating and relaxation, rather than a week, or so of getting stupid. If nothing else, I have a medication routine to keep up with. Pills 3XDPO @~8hr intervals. Hard enough for me, right now, to gather cash to travel for the important holidays. until the kids are all out and we can lose this rental.

All things considered, if I could buy a landing boat that would haul the and one of the cars, I’d be ready to go places. Maybe disconnect the driveshaft and connect it to a generator of sufficient capacity to opertate electric thrusters, or something. Not like I’ll have a 454 sitting there… :stuck_out_tongue:


The what and one of the cars?

One of the features i figure for the 18ft boat i proposed is a blunt nose: a 3ft drop bow for wheeled loading and unloading off a beach or boat ramp.

But i 100% agree about the use of a car carrier. It’s the only place i am sure i can park a car while i am out on the water, to carry the car with me. And prolly sweep up the falling rust off the deck every day. :-/ Choice of car would be critical, it’s length and width, but weight being well down the list. Too heavy?, add another pontoon! I guess that’s why i am fond of pontoons, add more, use wider ones, or deeper ones, and put any deck you need on as many toons as you need.

(Janine) #78

I live right in Gig Harbor, lots of free temporary moorings around here too. I’m open to meeting and starting a group around here. I live on the water, so testing some of my ideas are easy. I will be in Portland on the 29th of this month. I was hoping to stop by Janzen beach to see what was up, Lots of friends boat and sailing around navigation guides are plenty


I probably hit ‘Ctrl’ instead of ‘Shift’ and typed ‘RV’ which wouldn’t show up… I can’t watch the screen and type at the same time and certain keys are really not in a good position, for me. We bought an old 35 ft motorhome, to remodel and live out of, once the kids are all out of the house.


You may be unable to survive Burning Man either:
the feds want their own Marriot Hotel built for them there.
Or no $4 million permit this year.