Unique talents and who owns them

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No feed costs due to my by catch programs ground up and fed as per biologists feeding schedule , making make shift Eco systems and encompassing with special nets designed to catch first stock to create fingerling programme


I strongly disagree. Guys, this is what religion on a seastead will be like. Their version of deity will be thrown in your face several times with each conversation.


I think richtrish is Ellmer. That anchor is patented, but you give the owner no credit. And none of those pics is of anything you did or built, it’s NOT your talent or anything you own. This is spam, and offtopic.


Even though Richtrish1967 just recently first posted, he registered over three weeks ago, long before I suspended Ellmer.

Also, he is not posting from Colombia.

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No all these are not my ideas but I am bringing them all together in my business and paying them for their efforts ,the company doing the anchoring system is from The U.S. You misunderstood this is a business offshore 8 miles after being there for Five years it will be somewhat a seasteading environment ,there is no hate intended or religious affiliation ,I lost my wife and used my pain to turn to God and helping others ,I apologize deeply you guys can go ahead and remove me from your acclaimed community ,again I am very sorry for mentioning God please find it in your heart to forgive me and good luck and good bye .

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That was a great welcome for Richard Rambharose - he is probably the most valuable addition to this community in the last 7 years - and shued away with a inmediate attack at first post - great community building…Richard, please stay - just ignore the agressive toodlering…can you please open a dedicated thread to give us an overview of your projects and a couple of links to read your stuff up to get started ?

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I did a few searches, found a couple things. Think I found you on LinkedIn…gothic and steam punk huh? Interesting Facebook page too. Nothing about coral reef rebuilding projects though.

Sorry about your wife. Dengue fever is no joke. Really horrible thing to happen. Nothing else to say about that.

Can you post any actual pics of your current project? I’m interested as to why you are set up so far from shore. Is it a legal issue? Or is it logistically better to be closer to the customer?


Probably a combination of biological dependence on phytoplankton and other species, specific temperatures, closer access to the normal source of jackfish, and the need to avoid common shipping lanes.

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My customers have to go past me to reach the prime fishing grounds and it’s away from any shipping lanes,and yes it is logically viable ,temperature, current flow etc. when the U.S. Had many restrictions on the tuna / longline industry many boats had to bring in less fish beacuase of size limits and by catch issues , 14 years ago We started our research and ,since always working alongside the tuna boats we claimed victory and only now I am in New York seeking investment , it will take six months for it to be up and running ,with immidate salles ,of 300,000 to 500,000 every month and growing ,our longevity program is using our biologists to grow out our fingerlings in the open ocean ,feed them natural ground by catch no additives ,every two years we can purchase one new tuna vessel and grow our own fleet we pay the investor off in one year and give a ten percent on the bait project only .registered name , Master Baiter Co.Ltd.
Which gave inception to our new business Twin Blue Open Ocean Aquaculture where we creat save the oceans by one island at a time to adopt our plug and play program seasteading would now be a by product of the business that is why 8 miles offshore we are at the cusp of great things ,feed the schools for less fortunate ,the poor feed them but employ them on the land based facilities ,cleaning,packaging ,equipment repair,construction of offshore pens ,welding net mending ,teaching,administration ,boat and engine repair ,solar and wind generator installation,repair ,maintainence ,global conference and ecotourism ,all local and foreign to visit our site and learn and see what the the trained individuals are being paid to do ,coordinating and formulating a controlled chaotic environment with one major goal Saving Our Oceans and eventually every country and person will benefit long after I am gone .
Thank you you for your interest I hope I did not bore you too much .

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Where is that company registered?

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I strongly suggest you choose a different name…


Setting the English double entendre aside, it may well be a suitable name in his country…
For example…


Yes, catering to english speaking people, with only english speaking captains and crews, there’s no pun intended. Some of the boats even come with beds, overnight cruises not available.


It is a well-known phenomenon, that not everything translates well, from one language to another.
Consider those snazzy ‘Mist’ cigarettes for women… Rough meaning of the word is ‘sewage’ in German.


Chevy Nova didn’t sell well in Mexico, rough translation is “doesn’t go”.

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Wow, Elmer is suspended?

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Through God great things can be achieved, and good luck to you master baiter.


You’re behind the times. His suspension ended three days ago.


Great things happening just today:

A Taliban spokesman claimed responsibility for the suicide attack on the police academy, in which security sources said at least 50 or 60 people had been killed or wounded.

Niloy Neel, a blogger murdered (Islamists cut him up with machetes) in Bangladesh, says Islamists in the country and even the country’s government “want the atheists to be silenced”… five assailants had entered the flat after the Friday prayers and killed him. Neel’s murder is the fourth such brutal murder in the country.

ISIS seized control of Qaryatain in central Syria, a strategic move to gain critical territory near Homs, Palmyra and Damascus. Activists told the Associated Press that the captives initially included 60 Christian residents, before ISIS released about half. The majority of those abducted, roughly 170 captives, are Sunni Muslims…In February, ISIS abducted more than 220 Assyrian Christians from the province of Hassakeh

Suspected Islamist militants attacked a hotel in central Mali used by U.N. staff, killing at least six people, taking others hostage and holding off troops encircling the building…

I am sure there’s more such news which i didn’t catch.


Hey there, I’m Shawn and I am super new here…

Interesting forum discussion so far… I figured this would be a good place to start since my purpose for joining is to see what sort of practical seasteading things I can be involved in. From my reading through, it seems like the conversation has taken a downturn here over the last couple days… I mean is it necessary to argue about the use of the term god or religion right now?

Sounds like one of these

And I think those should be avoided or worked around when the goal of a discussion to actually get stuff something done. For the record, whenever someone uses the term God, I simply do a mental substitution of Universe…

“Only through the Universe can great things be achieved”

Can’t argue with that! Hard to achieve anything but through the universe, amirite? It seems to work out in every case I’ve come across, it can even work while reading religious texts.

But I digress and hope this discussion isn’t too far off track, if you disagree with what I just said and have something smart to say in response, I assume there is a DM option in this forum and I’m always happy to have a philosophical discussion with theists and atheists alike.

Where was I? Ah yes, introductions and unique talents… I’m Shawn Marincas and my talents don’t seem too unique to me, I do web development and systems architecture. I graduated with a computer engineering degree but mostly work doing full-stack javascript development while building a neat platform for a startup involved in the Internet of Things (beacons, nfc, geofencing, etc). This takes place in NYC, but I reside in NJ.

I’m 33, single and move around a lot. So I suppose what makes me unique might be that I have very little to lose and don’t have too many attachments to any given place. Combine that with a talent and love of solving unique problems, my knowledge of engineering and computer systems, and a respect for life and other people’s rights/beliefs… I think I’d be well-suited a seastead pioneer.

I also know how to keep it light and can usually make people laugh, which is perhaps a talent that can be overlooked when we’re talking about spending lengthy of time with each other in close proximity.

Anyways, glad to be here and I hope I’m not sticking my neck out too much for my lack of any credibility in this community. Just let me know what needs doing and I’ll let you know how I can help.

  • Shawn Marincas

PS - I do very much mean doing… I’ve seen too many times how much energy a good idea can generate and how much of that energy can be drained away in talking and arguing without any real life feedback. Anyone familiar with the LEAN startup approach will know what I’m referring to.

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