Unique talents and who owns them

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My very new talent is I am jobless.
When I have a job I have money but I do not have time.
Now I do not have a job, not I have time, but I do not have money.

I wonder about what my next talent is going to be.

An old skill I have: I can swim.

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I tried to run my own blog about the seasteading projects and ideas.
I did cover some Styrofoam boxes with wire mash and concrete.
I made some concrete foam out of water, portland cement, desert sand and
dishwashing detergent. I made pictures and I put them up on the blog.
This blog is separate from the seasteading archives.

I have not made any entry into my blog for long time now.
I hope I can find my blog.


Bought a motorhome to remodel. Once the kids are out, we plan to move into it and stop paying rent. NOT paying $50/day for temporary housing is incentive enough, but, once that bill goes away, I hope to begin work on real projects. Part of the remodel will be to include biogas as a mobile source of cooking fuel. I found a nice system that should scale-down nicely.

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Sounds good. How long before the kids are out? 20 years?
They are always in. I have no kids. My brother has 3 of them.
I cannot give up my brothers kids, nor my brother. What am I going to do?


LOL, Sparky, just don’t swim in North Carolina,…


We did a trial of converting the Wordpress forums and users to Discourse. The results were not particularly satisfactory. After much discussion of the pros and cons we decided it would be best to just start fresh.

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My name is Dave Pennington, I am an inventor and aquaponic systems designer in Dallas TX. If I could pick a position it would be doing R&D for construction, energy, and food production.

In 2010 I developed an open-source insulated fiber cement composite which I dubbed “EPIC” (EPS + Paper Infused with Cement). This material has been used to build affordable dome homes, insulated aquaponic tanks (its original purpose) and others have built conventionally shaped homes of over 6,000 sq ft.

EPIC is made almost entirely of commonly available waste materials. “Styrofoam” (expanded polystyrene or EPS) makes up the majority of the bulk, and cellulose (either paper or wood fiber) make up the majority of the structure. A variety of cements can be used to glue the composite together, usually portland cement is sufficient, but many other binders and admixtures have been successfully tested.

The mix design can be adjusted from very lightweight to very strong. Generally it is best suited to compression loads but it also has significant tensile and ductile strength, even without steel or basalt rebar (which of course can be added). My most commonly used formula develops a compressive strength of around 1,500 PSI. When cast into compound curves this material can withstand very large forces. Once cured it is impervious to damage from water, fire, insects and mold. (I have five years of testing results)

EPIC can be cast into almost any shape and machined more easily than soft wood. All machined material can be recycled into new mixes, so it is a zero waste product. Unlike “geopolymers” the curing process does not require heat or pressure, and cured material can be easily attached to new material without the “cold joint” issues. Material cost is about $2/cu ft, or roughly half of the $150/cu yd price I have seen posted for geopolymer, and that cost figure probably does not include the curing heat expenses (?).

I have developed several related processes, including pneumatic forming techniques (advanced airforms) EPS grinding/packaging equipment and methods for engaging communities to efficiently harvest and utilize materials they normally pay to be rid of. A wide array of products have been made with EPIC, and many more have been designed. This material is useful for making durable lightweight structures of great beauty in an extremely cost effective manner.

I would like to be part of the brilliant Seasteading project. I have several other technologies which you may also find useful, including off-grid aquaponics, passive solar heating, desalination, energy production, carbon capture and storage and more. All are designed to be low-tech and cost effective.

I am collaborating with one of the world’s leading experts in coral reef protection and restoration, Dr. Thomas Goreau. He has expertise in the construction of artificial reefs using the Biorock process, which can be used to protect shorelines and build steel structures which are protected from saltwater corrosion. We are working with several other experts on a project to capture carbon and create biochar to combat climate change. This project could easily be combined with Seasteading, as it has been designed to operate at sea in areas where sargassum “seaweed” (macroalgae) is prevalent.

Looking forward to collaborating with others who have built structures, especially in Texas. I have limited time for general inquiries please be patient if I dont get back to you immediately.

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Welcome Dave, I am glad you are here.
Thank you for the post.

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My name is Shay, and I currently live In California. I am currently in my last year of high school and will begin college next fall. Though currently this may be irrelevant, Next year in college I am majoring in business. More specifically somewhere in the finance field and hope to run many very successful businesses in my future. I came across an article about the Seasteading Institute and immediately was very interested. Like I previously stated, though because I have not achieved my hopeful degree yet this inquiry may be currently irrelevant, after I do graduate from college in 4-5 years I would be very interested in running any hotels and/or similar entertainment businesses within a Seastead. As far as personality, I am a very driven and motivated person and am fascinated with being part of/running a new upcoming enterprise like this in my future.
Thank you!

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Hi Shay,

Nice post. Write more. Good luck in college.
Is that Southern or Northern California?


Welcome to the pool! Jump in and get your feet wet!

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Thanks! Southern California.


Welcome to the pool! Jump in and get your feet wet!

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Hi my name is Richard Rambharose and I am planning a offshore aquaculture program in the Caribbean for immidate coral of live jacks for commercial harvest and sale to the long line tuna boats ,we would get by catch and other species which a percentage after creating fingerlings would be released into the ocean via media we will be 3 nautical miles offshore and I am also planning with a U.S. Based university to partner ups,I am interested in a liveaboard vessel for research and living .
Thank you
Only through God can greatness be achieved .

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I am starting a project in the Caribbean for offshore aquaculture for live bait for the tuna Longliners which pay 5,000 per boat and there is hundreds of them ,we already have the biologists and we are looking for professional ppl to assist us with financing,investment and or ability,we also have all schools involved to teach and visit our offshore location ,we will also be Replinishing the endangered species and coral via ,media ,we aim to build social and economic structure ,foreign trade,employment ,IGFA issues solved ,education ,global recognition and participation ,eco tourism ,feed the poor program



Welcome! Sounds like an impressive plan with backing. Please keep us posted on the progress! You might want to look at IMTA— Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture, as a means to expand with no additional feed costs and to mitigate localized pollution from the fish pens.


I strongly disagree.

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Thanks I am exited and will keep you up dated on my progress , I will be 3 to 8 miles offshore with an array of 25 tone anchor systems approx . Ten in an array covering approx 10 acres of noonerealestate ,some vessels will be towed out for staff to live aboard and work ,the aqua pods will be below surface ,staff will be ,divers ,biologists from the university,small submarine,universal flying hovercraft for medical emergencies ,it flies below FAA regulations and above waves , total staff for start up will be 10-15 and growing ,any assistance would be greatly appreciated ,I have the full project on file .

Thank you

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Thank you for having me ,I am an entrepeneur , built a 37 ft power catamaran mould ,creating a new business of the culture and harvest of certain marine fin fish species for commercial sale and restocking island species and Coral rebuilding program in the Caribbean using the Aquapod system . I will also be using pens on the surface with floating jetty to accomodate sale of jacks to the longline boats ,hoping to complete this project in 2016 God Bless,any advice would be helpful ,
Thank you
Only through God is anything possible

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I will be 3-8 nautical miles offshore my island for the first community to start this year and completing in 2016 ,donated large retro fitted ships working and non working ,offshore aquaculture and mariculture for harvest and restocking the island ,I will send u pics of intended project and progress ,right now I am in New York seeking investors ,my story is on Google if you look up my name so sea steading is my next love first God.i hope the pics were uploaded
Logo ( IGFA )

Issues :

Longliners are infringing on the Game Fish Pelagic Species in and around the island causing prices to soar due to the export of BY - CATCH .
IGFA members are already discussing issues regarding LongLiners on Social Media .
Their influence recently banned trawlers in Trinidad and Tobago .

Master Baiter Co. Ltd. Is about to supply Longliners with Live Bait and will be the mediator between the Government , IGFA, LongLiners , and Public Awareness .

  1. Purchase of all by-catch at market Price .
  2. Paid Recovery of any IGFA Tags from Long Liners
  3. Paid Video By Catch release
  4. Marine Sanctuary around Trinidad and Tobago .
  5. Working hand in hand with Conservation Agencies to keep everyone on a sustainable path .