Unique talents and who owns them

(Bob LLewellyn) #1

We are beginning to move past the idea stage and need to start looking at implementation. This is where we leave off being individualist and we begin to pull together. Eventually we want to have many projects and be able to support each one but to do this we need to have our first success. We will be asking many to help with projects that are not their favorite project, but when we begin the ball moving, in time it will move the ball to your court.

What we need to know is who you are,
where you currently live,
what is your area of expertise and how good are you at your favorite vocation?
What you would like to do if you could pick your position?
If you know your personality type and wouldn’t mind sharing it with the rest of us, it would help to know what your personality is best suited for.
Your education if you feel it is relevant and anything else that would help us get you to were you will do your best.

If there is any other topic of interest, please include it.

Lastly, if no one has yet done so, I would like to welcome you myself and thank you personally for caring enough to look into our projects and coming to the forum and joining in.

Thank you for sharing with us and we seriously hope that our journey together will be fun, profitable and you truly enjoy joining with like minded friends.


Oceanic business alliance | key player network | ocean colonization | big five | get connected | get invested
(stephen russell) #2

La Canada CA
Ex Navy veteran & 3X cruise line passenger.
Expertise: Ideas, innovation, thinking ahead, outside box, Marketting
Education AA.

Seasteader: have Ocean home to rent, lease.
Marketting future Seasteads.

See profile on LinkedIn under General Support.


Hi Tech

(Bob LLewellyn) #3

Bob LLewellyn - South Carolina, USA at the moment.
area of expertise and accomplishments;
Majored in an applied math field called Operations Research, or Management Science for the business majors. Passed Ohio test to be an Actuary but that’s as far as I went with that.

Worked for one of the top ten management consulting firms in the US only to find, I hate corporate life. At this point I began researching investments. Got a Realtors License (Ohio) to help with real estate investments.

When doing a site evaluation for an intentional community in Panama and Nicaragua, I began to contemplate an intentional community at sea. I lived two years in Central America, and one year on a boat to see if it was possible to live at sea. This test was a failure as the boat was too small. (45’)

In 2006, I saw the real estate melt down coming. I could always recognize a bubble so I switched over to studying the new Forex market. In 2008, during the big meltdown, I created a fully automated computer program that invests (trades) the forex market. Using a mathematical approach, the program took over 3,000 trades with one loss for 8 cents when the power went out.

After that I help my former programer to create a second fully automated program for the home market. (Because of a rule change in the US only, the first robot would no longer work in the US) The new one still can be used with US brokers. I wrote the first book on robotic investing using the systemic (mathematical) approach. Currently finishing video training seminars to train families how to use computer programs (robots) to invest for quick retirement anywhere in the world.

I have been toying with the intentional community at sea off and on for 8 years but only recently thought that I might have enough time to do something about it. At this time I decided to link up with the seastead community. And that is were I am to this point.

To get to know me, it is easiest to look up INTJ personality type on the internet. It is uncanny how accurate these personality types tests can be.

(Mark Stephan) #4

Ah for the love of automated money makers… :smile:

My backstory…
Bachelor’s degree in computer enginnering, worked in the dot com bubble for a while (and had a lot of fun), got married, got an MBA, started my own business providing IT services to small business and non-profits. Didn’t make much off of that (go figure), went to work at Harvard in the data warehousing department, (almost) got a degree in environmental management and sustainability. Got a couple of kids along the way, now work at the intersection of employee engagement and sustainability for a big IT company. Long and winding road…

But happy I’m here. I had to figure out what to focus my free time on, and besides cub scouts and some local town politics, I decided to focus on seasteading :smile:

INTJ. That sounds familiar. Can’t remember what mine was, but in a different personality test I was a “provider/teacher” (I’m an investor; my currency is people. Support growth and development, etc.)

(Mark Stephan) #5

Oh and I just finished building (not me personally) a sustainable home; solar, prefab, insulated, etc… interested in homesteading. this spring: a full garden including the basics + wheat, oats, corn. and chickens! :smile:

(Dima Starodubcev) #6

Hi! My name is Dima. I am from Russia.

I love to travel, do insane and awesome things, and dream to live in the world without borders at first and eventually explore the Space.

I have versatile background in managing business and governmental structures. I am so excited about Bitcoin and blockchain tech since 2011. I am stuck from inefficiency everywhere. And I foresee that this kind of tech will solve a lot of our problems and as result we’ll have a chance to live in freedom and peace.

For me, seasteading is the chance to escape from insanity brought by greedy governments and implement an ideas of free economy powered by blockchains. I am wondering why seasteading community still didn’t realised what this kind of ready to use tech could bring… That is, I am here and will do my best to bring this ideas which I believe will boost seasteding with unbelievable pace.

I’ve published easy to use research about the stuff I am speaking about.
Cybernetic Economy Report 2015


There are plenty of easy to use and setup fault tolerant decentralized systems. This systems costs pennies to use. Seasteads can use them for managing money, property, votes, contracts and everything you can and even cannot imaging in your economic activities.

I am exploring and using them on a daily basis and now I have certainty that we could solve all upcoming issues just using them. Even crowdfunding of the project itself.

So, if somebody will need my help, feel free to ask.

(Sheldon Robertson) #7

Was an engineering student, ran out of money and did a hitch in the army. After I got out, I tried going back to school, but life happened. I’m looking for a fresh start and somewhere I can use my intellect to provide value, instead of muscle.

I play around with tech, especially open source software. I am interested in blending old tech with new, and finding simple, elegant ways to solve problems.

If given the chance, I will not shut up about free trade and it’s many benefits to humanity.

I was a combat engineer (explosives, bridges, some construction, combat, you can Google it if you want) in the army, I also was on a field sanitation team. We were responsible for monitoring anything which could affect the health of soldiers deployed in a camp environment.

I have worked as a food safety (HACCP) monitor for Tyson, in steel tank construction, in manufacturing as a CNC machinist, and as an elder care transport driver. All in nine years. Right now I work in a fiberglass equipment body manufacturing facility. I am eager to use my skills for something worthwhile here and hope to see you all on the water.

(Dannie Bolden) #8

Hello Everyone ! ,

My name is Dannie Bolden and it is a pleasure to meet all of you wonderful pioneers.

I currently live in Washington D.C. as a student at Howard University.

My major is political science and I would like to be in a position to plan and review legislation that may arise in the future in regards to Seasteading.

My personality is both extroverted and introverted and I am d always open to meeting new people and learning from them.

Once again, It is a pleasure to meet everyone and I cannot wait to accomplish great things with you all !

Your Fellow Pioneer,


(Chad Elwartowski) #9

Bachelors and Masters degrees in Information Technology. Spent 7 years doing simulation work of dynamic radio networks. I’ve done some flight simulator work and about a decade of military intelligence work, mainly as a Java programmer.

I started with Bitcoin back in 2011 and bought a good bit early on. I’ve been working on my own webpage to use the Bitcoin blockchain for voting and reverse crowdfunding. I also get paid in bitcoin and pay for almost everything I need with bitcoins.

I’ve spent a few years in Iraq and Afghanistan living in sparse conditions and am currently living in Germany. I have downsized my life down to a carry on and a backpack realizing that too much of life is spent focusing on getting and protecting “things”. I travel to a new country at least once a month (will probably do more now that the weather is getting nice) and am taking time to enjoy the little things in life.

Also INTJ like Bob.

(Kurt Laipple) #10

-Currently Marketing Director for a Telemedicine company, formerly US Operations Manager for Telelearning company. I also have experience in security management. I’m transitioning to healthcare.
-Live in Georgia, but I’ve moved a lot (Far East, Middle East, Europe, South America)
-Hyperbaric and Wound Medicine, particularly evidence-based, but not CMS approved, treatments; research combining multiple approved modalities. I would love to assist with operations, eco-tech acquisition, education systems, but mostly healthcare research and services.
-Personality is Kingmaker.
-I went to graduate school for Linguistics, but have also studied Risk and Emergency Management, Commercial Diving, EMT, and Hyperbaric Wound Medicine.


I don’t like to go into my IRL life much online, but I work in computer programming and animation.

Stuff I can do:

  • Sewing, weaving, textiles in general
  • Not bad at carpentry
  • Learning electronics, I can solder and program an MCU, which is a start
  • Programming (mentioned above)
  • 3D modelling/animation
  • Cook
  • Clean :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Decent amount of experience sailing, mostly coastal though, I’ve never been more than a hundred miles or so from land.
  • Had radio, first aid, radar and sea survival licences, all out of date by now though
  • Coastal navigation, which is to say I’ve never touched a sextant but can do pretty much everything else

(Sheldon Robertson) #12

It seems popular to list ones personality type here so I am ENTP.

(Byron Kay) #13

Aloha! :palm_tree:

I live on an active volcano in the middle of the pacific (kind of like a seastead?). I grew up fascinated with animals and have been swimming since I was 1 yr old so guess what I became? So after a stint working in veterinary medicine, marine bio consulting, SCUBA instructing, starting a renewable fuel business, and an algae to biofuel project I am now growing macro-algae (Dulse) for abalone consumption. We produce over 400 tons of algae a year on about 2 acres of land-based tanks

I’ve always been an outdoorsy type having been a boy scout in Southern California which included a lot of boating and water based adventure. I am scientific diver certified.

My wife and her mother are competitive free-divers having made several national and world records so I kind of got dragged into the competitive freediving thing. We spend a lot of time floating out in very deep water and holding our breath.

A have interests in entrepreneurship, economics, finance, and business.

(.) #14


I think, my biggest talent is, I do not get seasick.
working knowledge with small concrete structures, mixing an pouring the concrete
My education, degree, licences and experience is on the field of biochemistry.
I am reluctant to post more information about myself here, but I am willing
to disclose more in a limited group.

(Larry G) #15


A few things have changed since then.


(Michael Pearce) #16

Glad to part of this post and network among you.

Here is my professional profile on LinkedIn.

My family comes from boat building, with my Grand Father being a captain in the Merchant Marines. I went into the other Marines and was a Scout Sniper–4 years. Traveled all over the world and have been on multiple ships, LHA’s, and LPD’s. Afterwords I worked on restoring wooden boats/life guarded in Coronado, Ca. Been through a Police Academy and worked many years in construction–many trades. Now, I have a Bachelor’s in Architecture with a minor in Art and have been a designer for the past 20 years. I specialize in design build and problem solving for living conditions and living more attuned with nature.

I have been working on setting up a business model for an emergency design build platform for people struck by disasters and building micro dwellings as experimental housing.

Thanks and hit me up on Linkedin for additional networking.
Michael Pearce

2004 Airport concepts. Just and example of sketching to final construction documentation.


JL Frusha
Cedar Creek, Texas
Academic research
Conceptual research
Integrated Systems research (waste/biogas/organic-hydroponics-aquaponics/multi-tier-aquaculture/etc.)

New to the new forums, some, from the old forum will recognize me. Dropped in to find some of the stuff that should be archived, found it isn’t, started looking around.

May soon be in a position to start on a farm-seastead concept I previously developed, in the old forums, that doesn’t seem to be archived.

Have noticed some nice development in offshore oil platform design and construction that will directly benefit the seasteading concept.

Howdy from Texas!

(.) #18

Howdy back to you in Texas.


Hi JL. I do remember you. Welcome back! What have you been up to man?


Raising a family, trying to boot the grown kids out on their own. That sort of thing. Took my ideas on biogas and have a more advanced concept, trying to fund the working-example on VA Disability with a family is a PITA. Still exploring alternatives and researching for the sake of knowledge.

Was surprised that the old login works for the archives, but not here. Strange that the system didn’t mesh the membership.