Underwater Farming

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I’m a Floridian, from Orlando. Living in Colorado right now, but planning a return in short order. I’ve noticed the number of sinkholes appearing throughout the landscape, and with the phosphate mine that was recently swallowed, there’s likely to be more. Not to mention, we have a fairly suspect political climate going on, and it’s unlikely I’d be able to dig a basement or bomb shelter without hitting the water table. Considering that, I wondered if I might be able to build an underwater shelter and whether it might be suitable for living, farming, surviving nuclear blast radius, and most importantly sinkholes. :slightly_smiling_face: I saw the underwater farms in Italy (Nero’s Garden) as I looked around youtube, and the temperature constant makes plenty of sense…

While this subject might have some application in seasteading, maybe I can figure something out for a new set of “sinkhole style” houses. It’s the new southern… just dig a hole and live in it. Maybe someone can fact check my wild imagination.

I am wondering about the dynamic in applying two forms together. Also, wondering if there could be some way to rake in some energy savings. I remember that the Florida aquifer remains a constant 72 F…

The old underground base from Resident Evil comes to mind when I think of how I imagine the house. No one’s gonna answer this now…

Would an inverted pyramid be able to float in 8-12m of water? Would it stabilize a network of cylindrical tunnels encircling the outer square of the pyramid’s top level? (like wheels with spokes connected by central axle tube). How far down could successive wheel rows go and remain pressurized if pyramid weight increases with depth, and if stabilized, could it act as a floating foundation in any regard?

Thanks for the laughs. Moreover, thanks for your time.


Welcome and good luck. Not sure what underwater farming you mean, there are different kinds, like IMTA - Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture using native sea-life. Another was ballasted and submerged domes with hydroponics.

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Hi, thanks for the welcome. If I was doing IMTA I’d rather work in an Freshwater RAS as I’d like to partner with plants (aquaponics). Also, the question I asked is more a question related to how to build a submerged structure that will hold air under natural or semi-natural pressure if sealed with a slightly positive pressure.

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You mean like a submarine? You can make anything go under water if you make it weigh enough. You can adjust the pressure as you like if it’s strong enough. These are well-known principles, in use for 100 years. I guess i do not understand your question.

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@Chad_Wiginton | Chad i assume as my group builds the submarines and ocean spheres (been there done that) among other things - we should have some interesting talks…

Here is my question: Would you like to talk on a public forum or would you prefer to have talks in private ?


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One is at the bottom of the lake, the other one he cannot launch. There’s actually no indication of bouyancy control or working propulsion system on either one.

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