UK Physicist wanting to learn more about seasteading

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Thank you for the reply, i think i will need to do some more initial reading before i can ask any useful questions or prompt interesting discussions.
Do you know of any thread on here which looks at the core skills gaps in the current seasteading project, and what potential career opportunities there would be to get involved?

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Seasteading is kind of a cutting edge. No much things as career as I see it.
It is possible to own something, like a boat or a business, but there is no seasteading
infrastructure, that I know of. Probably this web site is an infrastructure, if you have the
ways and means to access it.

Opportunities are not clear. Even the opportunities have to be produced.
So, we have here the big nothing, and those who want to take the train, first have to
build the railroad. Now there is American Libertarianism for you. -)

I hope this does not turn you away from TSI.

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Thank you for the clarification. On doing more reading around i realise that the French Polynesia project is run/operated by Blue frontiers only in collaboration with TSI.
Am i correct in assuming then that TSI is more focussed on think-tank style planning and preparation work, as well as spreading the general seasteading message without being tied to a specific project?

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More or less like a brainstorming forum for enthusiasts of the concept. There is some good info, and a lot of noise. Take what works for you and please ignore the rest. Some people don’t get what they want and it makes them bitter and want to burn everything down for everyone else as well.

There are a number of potential cross-over careers, concepts, and technologies. Most of the people making a living on the ocean don’t concern themselves with whether or not they are “seasteaders”. Just like most mining boomtown residents in the American Old West didn’t really consider themselves colonizers or “opening the frontier”. They were just getting on with their business. Most of the ideological “seasteaders” don’t seem to have much concept of what it takes to make a living and actually attract others to their project. But that doesn’t mean the two sides won’t come together at some point, it probably just won’t be exactly as anyone has planned or imagined.

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But, back to the UK Physicist.
How are you Phil?

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I suspect via the normal fashion of his parents naming him that when he was born.

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I am doing well, i still have a lot of information to read up on regarding the current state of the various aspects of the seasteading project. There was a local meetup close to me yesterday for people interested in seasteading, and that was good to discuss the ideas in person.
I got the impression that there is a lot that needs to be planned and brainstormed about how to handle the expansion of the seasteads should the intial pilot studies prove successful, however i think there are plenty of areas to test/research during the initial stages of development which will be useful in their own right.

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That is more, than what is going on around here with seasteading.

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What defines success for a seastead?
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Greetings, and Best regards to the physicist too, in the UK.
There it is about , I guess 8:30 PM. Good Evening Professor!
O, 6:30 PM in London.

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Some questions to the physicist about physics:

Have you studied or researched the magnetohydrodynamic phenomenon?

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I have not come across the phenomenon itself - i have studied electromagnetism and a bit of fluid dynamics which appear to be the main theoretical components of it. The topic definitely sounds interesting:

" A magnetohydrodynamic drive or MHD propulsor is a method for propelling vessels using only electric and magnetic fields with no moving parts, using magneto-hydrodynamics."-

I shall have to read more about it.

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Because it’s cheap to make powerful magnetic fields? Or because water is so responsive to magnetic fields?


Forced underwater laminar flows with active magnetohydrodynamic metamaterials

Theory and practical implementations for wake-free propulsion systems are proposed and proven with computational fluid dynamic modeling. Introduced earlier, the concept of active hydrodynamic metamaterials is advanced by introducing magnetohydrodynamic metamaterials, structures with custom-designed volumetric distribution of Lorentz forces acting on a conducting fluid. Distributions of volume forces leading to wake-free, laminar flows are designed using multivariate optimization. Theoretical indications are presented that such flows can be sustained at arbitrarily high Reynolds numbers. Moreover, it is shown that in the limit Re≫102, a fixed volume force distribution may lead to a forced laminar flow across a wide range of Re numbers, without the need to reconfigure the force-generating metamaterial. Power requirements for such a device are studied as a function of the fluid conductivity. Implications to the design of distributed propulsion systems underwater and in space are discussed.

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Just a theoretical thing. No practical application. A hobby, if you wish.
More about interplanetary forces, such as ionic materials as solar wind passing
by the Earth, might be able to induce electric current in a closed loop saltwater

Also, I was wondering if it is possible to make an induction transformer by filling
two garden hoses with salt water and using the ionic conductor to put AC current in
one coil, and would that induce a current in the other coil when nearby. (I think: yes.)

And I have more useless entertaining information, if anyone is interested.

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MHD has been used to make electricity on a large scale. I remember reading about the Russian one as it was brought online. There was a lot of misinformation and guessing.

The movie “The Hunt For Red October” was a story of a Russian submarine which used MHD system.

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And the Final Countdown was about time travel.