TSI should collaborate with Disney on Moana ride

(Wes Williams) #1

Google it. There’s a lot of rumor out there that there will be a Moana ride at Disney World. If you’ve been lately, Disney prides itself on education, conservation and forward-looking projects. TSI in Polynesia exhibit anyone?


What do you mean by that?

(Wes Williams) #3

I mean if (when) Disney makes an attraction based on Moana, having an exhibit that explains and promotes seasteading, particularly when it’s taking place in Polynesia like the movie, would be an awesome way to expose a large population- a young population- to the possibilities of exploring and colonizing the sea. Like the movie.


Oh OK thanks for the clarification. I haven’t seen the movie Moana yet. So I should see it. And yes that would be awesome if they could do that. The world needs to know and understand seasteading and any medium we can use to do that would be great.

(Danielle Tetrault Gooch) #5

I love that idea. It does seem like a natural fit. I have no idea how much those corporate sponsorships cost. I home schooled my kids so I always appreciated the educational aspect of the rides at Disney World. An exhibit at a World’s Fair might also be an effective educational / marketing opportunity, too. I do not know how it works at Disney but if it is the organizations, not Disney, that puts those things together it would be easy to create another version for the fair. Sounds expensive, though.