TSI has no working project

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From the White Paper:

Blue Frontiers will spend the funds it raises in the crowdsale to actualize its
mission in a conservative and pragmatic manner. We will diversify our expense account,
by exchanging Ethereum for Bitcoin, United States Dollars, and Euros. Our
directors and financial officers will determine an appropriate allocation across currencies
and cryptocurrencies, and will rebalance, exchange, and/or add new assets
periodically as deemed prudent

That is 42% of the money for all Seacoins that will be split between the 4 currencies.

Again, I will not get into the value of the coins. You can postulate all you want but in the US there is this thing called no free speech. I am not allowed to talk about the value due to the SEC.

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So about how many people do you figure will get away with the money before extradition and asset forfeiture papers are ready? Considering the recent Iran-Venezuela-usa money shuffle that was found and shut down, do you think the real money being split between only four currencies is enough obfuscation?


LOL, I did read the Whitepaper.

I don’t care about the value of the SEACOIN. That’s irrelevant to me right now.

Further down the road when it hits the exchanges and IF on a positive trend, I will gladly invest in SEACOIN, and if the opportunity arises during the construction process, I will gladly invest my SEACOINS in the Floating Island in anything food & beverage or marine related business.

BUT, definitely, if it’s built in my lifetime, I will come and visit.

Please note that as somebody who’s making a very decent living investing in the financial markets I do know extremely well the huge difference between postulating, pure fact and the high risk involved in investing in ANY assets postulated as pure facts.

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You don’t have to buy seacoins now. You can buy them when you come and visit (you’ll need them to pay for things).


Already got that :wink:


Really? Now you are painting it as a scam?? You got issues…should seek help.

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Well, he said there were things he could not discuss due to legal issues with the system?