TSI has no working project

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You asked me the advantage of living 200 nautical miles away from shore.

I had falsely assumed that you were here on a Seasteading website with the knowledge of what seasteading is. I apologize for such a wild assumption.

If you would like me to explain further I can. There is 10 years of information related to seasteading I would be happy to discuss.

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I hope that is simple enough for you.

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Perhaps you should go talk to boating communities and ask them. They probably had to move off of shore due to space issues (high price per sqft for oceanfront property)? Maybe it’s cheaper to not live on land? Maybe they like living on the water?

Why are they not 200nm out? Perhaps because there is no seastead there.

Maybe because of the same reason the Floating Island Project is starting Phase 1 in a protected lagoon. To get the engineering down in a protected environment before moving on to Phase 2 where they are 12nm out with more sovereignty but need to deal with the ocean’s turbulence and get all of the engineering kinks out before moving to Phase 3 where it can be 200 nm out in International waters.

At Phase 3, in international waters the island can have full sovereignty. This is the ultimate goal in seasteading. Each platform will be able to detach from the other and create it’s own sovereign community. As more sovereign communities exist, new governance structures can be experimented with as people move to those communities that have the better governance structures and away from those with bad governments.

It is in this way we can improve governance which could eventually in turn be used by current governments as they adopt the best methods.

It will be like how cell phones improve over time due to people being able to choose which cell phone they want. No longer will the assumption be that government cannot change.

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I am not going to French Polynesia to ask them why they are there. But if they leave where they are and go 12 miles away, they may still be in French Polynesia, near a different island, but then they are 12 miles away from where they are now. BUT RIGHT NOW THEY AREN’T 12 MILES AWAY even though they could be. They have made a choice to not anchor any farther away than they are now. You are there(?), you can see them, you can ask them. And ask them if they might move to 12 miles away if you built a floating hotel (i mean a seastead) out there.

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There are plenty of people here who have shown interest in living on the seastead when we get it up. They are very enthusiastic.

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Why haven’t they already moved 12 miles away near another normal island? You think they will move to a floating island?

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Why don’t people move to other islands? Is that your question?

You are very confusing (almost as if you are trying to get me to say something but frustratingly not saying the magic words you want to hear). Do you want me to explain more about what seasteading is?

I can pull up an old speech by Patri Friedman that is quite interesting.

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You almost understood it! Why are they happiest where they are now, and why would they leave that to follow your seastead to a place they can go to now if they wanted to?

I expected you to, because to do so would be pointless and off-topic.

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Some people already go 12nm off shore (at least in the US they do) for short periods of time. They have to come back because there are no permanent places out there to live.

Many people are happy where they are right now. You seem to be a super happy fella, living on land in your larger than 17x17 sqm bedroom.

Some people are dissatisfied with their governments and want something different. (a lot of people actually)

For them, we will build something they can visit but not need to return to shore for. They can live there or stay for long periods of time.

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I think living in a boat off the Chandeleur Islands or on Cay Sal Bank is as permanent as living behind Jekyll Island or any of the Fla Keys.

It isn’t larger than 17x17 sq meters. You have got to be drunk.

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I see, you said your bedroom is larger than 17x17 ft.

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Do not write drunk.
(I think, Elwar is sober)

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I do not like it. Too much banjo music.

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That is why i am not looking for colonies of humans.


17 x 17 sqm would be larger than most houses at over 3100 sq ft
17 ft x 17 ft would be a large master bedroom at 289 sq ft.

Drunk, or not, the math was wrong.


I think it devalues the whole concept to constantly rewrite the website and wiki, to eliminate wholesale, the ideals of those of us that believe in the original prospect of homesteading at sea as the original definition, not some Disney Condo project at sea, with a Million-Dollar buy in.

Granted, my own idea is expensive, but no more than a real homestead.

Further, redefining it to be intended to escape and create new governments, is also alienating original homestead at sea seasteaders, when even communities at sea do not require floating condos.

(Chad Elwartowski) #57

Watching Patri Friedman’s speech about seasteading back in 2008 was about exactly that. Creating new governments.

It was based on an ideal his father, David Friedman, proposed of people living in caravans and moving to different caravan parks with the ideal that eventually the best governance would win out as people could just vote with their home (sound familiar?).

I agree, hiding the original intent sucks but libertarians don’t do so well in the media (notice how the project is always attacked as Peter Thiel’s baby?).


At least two people independently coined the term seasteading: Ken Neumeyer in his book Sailing the Farm (1981) and Wayne Gramlich in his article “Seasteading – Homesteading on the High Seas” (1998)

(Chad Elwartowski) #59

Yes it was first brought up in the 80s, put in an article in the late 90s which is when Patri got involved with Gramlich.

His 2008 resurgence of the term brought in Thiel’s $500k donation and The Seasteading Institute.


I beg to differ.

Since the SEACOIN ICO will be held in ETH, the value of the SEACOIN 1-2-3-x years down the road will be “pegged” to that ETH price, 1-2-3-x years down the road, + and - the SEACOIN appreciation/depreciation.

If the SEACOIN ICO would have been hold on Jan 2018 @ 1 ETH = $1400, by now, only 3 month later, the value of a SEACOIN would have lost a whooping 300% USD market capitalization, + and - the SEACOIN appreciation/depreciation, regardless of what crypto the reserved were hold. (unless hold 100% in USD, EUR or USD Tether)

It all means that the SEACOIN should have appreciated 300% in 3 month just to hold initial ICO value, so far…

Ideological divide,…Why risk your entire investing capital just for the sake of decentralization? :wink:

Time will tell.