TSI discussion forums are closed!

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Thank you for the information, and thank you for your patience.
Good luck and Best regards;

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Appropriate platitudes.

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Are you guys maintaining the Wiki? Any plans to link the Wiki from the main site?

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We currently plan to leave the wiki up, but no plans to link from the main site right now.

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FWIW, there are no plans to take the discussion forums down. However, we don’t want people to be angry if we do, so we’re not promising to keep them up.

That said, your images will likely get greater visibility–and you will have more control over their fate–if you put them up on imgur and link to them from the /r/seasteading subreddit.

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Moving to Reddit is a mistake. Have you seen what happens when you try to post a reply or make a new thread over there? You can end up getting a message (and I’m not joking) that says “your doing that too much” and it will refuse to allow you to post. It has something to do with some gimmick they’re doing “karma” or something. Moving to reddit will just jam up the forum , infuriate users and make people loose interest in something very important for our future.

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And it cannot inherently solve the problem of some users misrepresenting things, like the Hibernia platform someone just posted lies about (in another thread).


It’s quite hard to imagine how “improved moderation” (basically “better censorship”) would provide “greater independence”…

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TSI pushing this forum away, so the posting here does not reflect badly on TSI any more.


I highly doubt that. If anybody @ TSI would have cared about a “bad reflection” you would have been kicked out eons ago.

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Please look in the mirror. And read your side of the last interaction we had, regarding women and your mom. Remember? It was about how you rate women. You gave the most vulgar, base, animalistic, self-serving terms of what you believe is the most important quality of at least half the population.

And that the moderators allowed it is the real kicker.


More nonsense and fake accusations against my reputation for just speaking the truth and defending my mother from being dragged in your demented rants.

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“speaking the truth”? The names you called me do not truthfully describe me.

You said something about all women, and your mom is a woman. I did no dragging of anything or anyone.

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And to continue in that vein, this timely bit of data about reddit’s value and “valuable” moderation of forums.

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There is also a Linkedin Group for Seasteadin genthusiasts here:


(joequirk) #22

It’s quite hard to imagine how “improved moderation” (basically “better censorship”) would provide “greater independence”…

The greater independence results from the fact that /r/seasteading is independent of TSI. Since the mods at /r/seasteading are independent of TSI, there’s less potential conflict of interest when moderating topics critical of TSI.

(PaulMarrow) #23

If you want independence without reddits foolishness you can move it to ,minds.com. They’re a free speech platform where you can discuss practically anything. You can make a group there.

(joequirk) #24

If you prefer Minds.com, there’s an existing seasteading group on Minds.com, created by one of our supporters:

We prefer reddit.com for the time being, since it has a vastly bigger audience than Minds, and many people already have accounts there.

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