Trump? Will his presidency hinder the movement or will it give us the chance to breakout

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Just thought it would be great to have a little chat about whether Trump will push investment, business, etc and promote in such a way we finally get going. Or will it just be disastrous to everyone.

Randolph Hencken's Post-Election Message

Peter Thiel is behind seasteading, and also is the lone pro-Trump libertarian in California. I think he’s a shoo-in for a cabinet position in the Trump administration - probably something involved with promoting new types of venture funded businesses.

Also, lots of liberals will be wanting to leave the US for a more liberal expat community.

I think these two factors are a win-win for seasteading.

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In California most people are stoned right now.


Getting a viable, affordable, safe vessel designed and built is not something a new President will truly affect.

A strong economy will help make it possible.

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@StuartGavinSF |
• if Seasteaders get their way - Politics in all its forms just becomes irrelevant… | blockchain |
• if all goes to hell the need for “prepper solutions” may boost the business of | subdue to nobody headquarter subs , yachts and ocean spheres |
• if he keeps embracing the dark force of of xenophobics and nationalistic egoism and hatry - making enemies anywhere from China to Latin America and the Islamic World - the freedom of the seas in a multipolar world working together and comming along might be at risk.
• the oceanic business alliance is hoping for ongoing good trade (along the Venice business model ) with the new US … but not depending on it… and wishes all US citizens stuck with this new government good luck and the best.


In other words, you’d rather listen to and parrot the rhetoric than research the subject, or disseminate truth…

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i am not really concerned about Trump (he seems reasonalbly smart and capeable ) i am more concerned about the process that made him president … and the people, motives, and forces, behind the votes…“the dark force” was cleary present in this process. Fear and Hate is a way to the dark side - Master Joda…


Sure there were dark forces at work… Liberals attacking people in the streets, Liberals trying to force more taxes and free-loaders on actual working Americans, Liberals inciting ‘race’ riots and spreading hate…

Notice, Hillary chose to lie about Benghazi, Chose to lie under oath about classified information, Chose to attempt to destroy subpoenaed evidence, Chose to give favors to nations that do not respect human rights, Chose to meddle in other nations voting processes,…

False accusations of Trump’s ties to the KKK, while looking away from Clinton taking funds FROM them, AND praising her mentor, a former KKK Grand-Dragon.

Meanwhile, so many focused on Trump’s DAD’s policies as owner, to prove Trump was racist, ignoring all he has done FOR minorities, even as long ago as Mar a Largo. They focused on a figure of speech, rather than accept it as just that (even the woman admits there was no physical, or sexual assault), and so on…

HOWEVER, all that said, even though I voted for Trump, it was over the list of SCOTUS potential nominees, that I based my choice on. Preserving the US Constitution is more important than the other crap everyone was fighting over. A liberal Agenda, and open-borders is not getting America anywhere, but poorer.

Closing the borders to freeloaders and criminals will help. Raising tariffs on imports, will help bring back American manufacturing jobs, employing more people, and strengthening the Dollar. A stronger Dollar makes a stronger economy and vice versa.

Rhetoric, believed by outsiders, caused a temporary fluctuation in the markets, but it will even out, then, once real progress can be made, the Dollar will climb.

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you see for outsiders like me - this is just gossip and media brainwash brable - what concerns me is how suceptible to brainwash and nonsense the american public seems to have become and how silent the voice of reason and smart argument in leadership is in the new US…

a clear demonstration of the limits of democracy…and the loss of reason in the democratic process…
…congrats to Trump for having a killer instinct, being on the pulse of society, and make the dark force of underdogs, globalization loosers, and media driven angry birds without reason, work united as election platform for his purpose…whatever this purpose is…a clear demo of seeing an opportunity and take business advantage of it…
…interesting to see how he will perform the things he promised to the underdogs…
…i prefer to see it from a couple of thousend miles of distance…(some might want to check for the ultimate prepper solutions for a planet fractured in warzones…(global mobile oceanic Ark - if you order your personal Nautilus today you may still be on time to escape the worst…))

@JL_Frusha As you are a declared Trump voter - enjoy your frontseat…:+1:

PS. i would vote neither Trump nor Clinton....i vote for making politics obsolete...and transcend to something better...(ref.[784]( )) - mankind deserves it - [reason and enlightenment]( claims it. The [real problems]( ) that need to be tackled demand it.


Politics happens in all levels. This is called interaction and cooperation, when it works well, dictatorship, when it gets authoritarian.

As a ‘for instance’… IF you ASK my opinion on how to handle food and sewage wastes, and I answer, that is interaction, following my advice and my helping set it up is cooperation. If you decided it was ‘my department’, then it gives me a more authoritarian position, where I direct what goes where and how… I dictate that ‘this’ is what is to be done.

Doesn’t matter if it’s just 2 people, 200, or 2 million, it works about the same, just a matter of scale.

Personally, I didn’t select Trump as the best for the job. I would MUCH rather have someone like Trey Gowdy, or even Gary Sinese. Given the choices I had, I deferred to the real issues, as I see them. Clinton had a stated position of undermining the US Constitution, and, imho, her policies weren’t going to be good for America, much less myself. My vote for Trump was based on his stated position on preserving the Constitutional rights, reestablishing American manufacturing (increasing jobs) and other things. Given a Republican House and Senate, he should be reasonably capable of achieving things that will increase the value of the American Dollar, meaning my cost of living should go down.

Already, months before he is even IN the office, the market fluctuations have stopped and a noted increase has begun to show in the stock market. Also, various potential conflicts have started subsiding as major issues, such as the rising threat of another World War, between Russia and the US. That which is beneficial to the MOST Americans, benefits me, as well.

Cutting illegal aliens off the tax-payer dole, cuts inflation. Stopping them at the border reduces competition for jobs, and increases the tax-base, by increasing participation, rather than non-contributors costing Americans their jobs. This boost, that boost, and the other may not be great, in and of themselves, but small gains and savings can add up quickly.

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Did America just elect a Monster? Seasteading kickstarter Peter Thiel says no. Cartoonists agree

Congratulations America!!! Congratulations for being strong enough, or indignated enough, to not be SCARED during the moment of truth.
Genius Cognitive Scientists (perhaps Cialdini’s school) had succesfully framed a 70 year old New York Libera businessman and entertainment mogul who prefers foreign wives as “literally the next Hitler”. What a feat! Congratulations to Cialdini’s school working for the BushClinton establishment and even greater congratulations to the American Voter who was braver than the media bombardment.

It should be apparent to anyone not brainwashed by miles away media that if the Sole World Superpower goes mildly nationalistic and certainly somewhat isolationist then the odds of a Thousand Nations to Bloom can only increase. Thank goodness the Republic might stop its transition into World Empire and instead chose a Blockchain or Twitter Direct Democracy option that not the Republican Party, but only their nominee had proposed.
Carly Fiorina was close but she couldn’t stoop gracefully to the level of the eletorate. Trump didn’t mind getting his hands in sticky places. pun intended.

And congratulations to all those old school Republicans, some in this forum, who painfully did the right thing .

If two people who agree on basically anything else can disagree on this, maybe it’s proof that the Singularity is near and media has been inflated beyond sense.

Globalization is an economic, scientific, and cultural affair, the Kantian concept of a perfect World Governnment is not implied.
Trump will only bring more interconnectedness.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #12

... the time and resouces wasted with this nonsense should be considered and used for something better...ref [578]( - a serious effort for ocean colonization - and oceanic food production - for example... if we keep wasting time and resources with nonsense (like politics, cardashians, and media stupidity campaingns) we might regret it some time...running out of resources and falling back into the dark ages .... of hunger and distribution conflict...politics - less is more. In case that political party discussions (like the recent one) keep "burning like dumpster fires" in our fractured societies i recommend: [smart personal exit strategies]( for the wise the [oceanic business alliance]( we keep this kind of politics low for good reasons...

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“Nobody keeps election promises”

Thank goodness! But that’s what the nomineee’s base counted on. Since the people already know at this point that particularly in politics “nobody tells the truth” they had to communicate in metaphor or through the lines. The candidate that succesfuly established such two way communication won.

There is a lesson in this election, aand is not about policy (that was the first to go) nor about politics, and much less about voting or freedom. It’s about perception, objectivity, subjectivity, and the irrelevance of facts in social settings - this forum is a good example of that

Interestingly this thread was started by a non American and, at this point, is mostly posted by non Americans like myself.
I hear Randy just fled to Tahiti. Nobody has never been more popular.

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although I share much of what Will wrote, I do believe that Trump victory will benefit the Seasteading movement. Not only because Peter Thiel is in the transition team and helped Trump tremendously, but because it makes all the sense.

Ordinary people will not go to colonize Mars, their frontier lies usually 30 miles from the place they live. The same stuff I wrote about the Seasteading movement in EU applies here. It would benefit the nation to have an exit strategy on a reachable frontier and push towards settling on new places to harness the enormous energy potential of the seas.

I am concerned with news of Sarah Palin being considered for a role, I am concerned with the news of creationists getting a chance to spread their web of lies and there is generally a lot to be afraid of, but as far as seasteading goes, I am optimistic :slight_smile:

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and I really like how he wiped his bottom with both U.S. parties and the media. that is something to respect.

and come on, this is like a slap in the face to all the bigoted and homophobic republicans who thought Trump is their person…


… a slap to the whole racist, bigot, misogynist ‘meme’ the Democrats and liberals were promoting…

(Matias Volco) #17

it was not a ‘slap’ but a pace and lead
like Nixon goes to China

Even further, true Antisemites support him while ignoring his son in law and favorite daughter.

let it heal, the World just avoided another ‘Stronger Together’ bundle of sticks - or of kindling…

(Wilfried Ellmer) #18

why Thiel supports Trump (analysis)

• Thiel donates 1.2 M to the Trump Campaign and the same sum to Seasteading ( TSI )…this says a lot about his priorities…agenda…compromise…(check what else Thiel is donating for… | Machine Intelligence | anti aging | breakout labs | ) - to find out what goes on in the world - follow the money… (don´t listen to media hype …)

another interesting analysis on a Trump thread… - what is Trump doing with his money ?

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I suggest a meeting with P Thiel to discuss this. I am ready to attend representing my region.

(Matias Volco) #20

Peter Diamandis just scoffed the perceived dimension of this election proposing that the speed of technological innovation is making politics irrelevant in contrast, or as I’d call it a reality TV(media) show.

When Peter Thiel talks about going from the First World to its Future, vertical extropy, it is not just in contrast, but in addition to ongoing irreversible horizontal “Globalization”.

Less than 500 years after Columbus went to the Caribbean, a new global order emerged when Nixon went to China and that place became the factory, Africa and Latin America the mines and farms, Europe the Showroom, and the USA the consumer, policeman, and issuer of fiat world currency.

See how in our Waterly Planet it’s cheaper to build Dutch Riverboats in China and ship them to Holland than have it genuine? That means we are treating the World as one city, which means each neighborhood will want to differentiate itself as much as possible to retain some semblance of cultural value which allows for some social cohsion and lots of touristic attraction.

Since we’re in only in our first decade of real time digital globalization it may have been a surprise for some, but we are ripe to see some sort of adaptation in the communication between representatives and the represented.

I hope that the message of the incumbent President of the USA of “Putting America First” will allow the rest of the World to free itself from the entangling alliances that were imposed during the last centuries and wars.

I believe it also means that the public doesn’t want that country to just be a military and financial stronghold, but perhaps retain and continue a diversified economy of creative and high end industries, entertainment complexes, and research facilities, not unlike Switerland, another multilingual country, one which never invades foreign countries, has a tough immigration system coupled with the largest foreign floating population of its region, and semi real money.