The size of a seastead drives the size of its politics

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  • A ship sized seastead will be ok with a captain and a feasible mechanism to replace him when underperform.
  • A condo sized seastead will be ok with a condo administration and a habitant assembly to put the rule set in direct vote. According to the will of “we the condo inhabitants”
  • A city sized seastead (a few thousand) will be fine with a elected city counsel.
  • Until we come to beyond city size (30 years from now) politics as we know it may well have gone down the drain of history along with vinyl records and banking and replaced by something better.

Do we need any prefabricated rule sets on a seastead how about direct democracy

the economic size and standing matters

The convenience and neigborhood come along drives the frame of freedom and the frame of opportunities …

How independet can you be - do you need to be outside EEZ

Seasteading after all is about escaping politics in all its forms…less politics is more

Practical view: What you definitly don’t care about when sitting on a cruise ship

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A 3 phase model for seasteading was developed, three dozend proposals for investors to step into seasteading.


As for the city? I’m not even sure why there needs to be a representative democracy/centralised council thing. Why not just have multiple “condo governments” and let them make whatever agreements they like between them?

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multiple condo governments sounds feasible…

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