The shallow places in ocean - map?


Is there any ocean map on the internet that shows how deep are the places where I point a cursor?
Or do you have some tips where are the shallowest places in ocean, outside any country’s jurisdiction?
Why am I asking - if there would be some place in ocean, outside other countries’ jurisdiction, that is just few meters deep, there could be the great place to set up concrete blocks and create some platform on it, so one can start up a free community, maybe a small country on it. Ideally somewhere where tsunami does not occur very often. :slight_smile:
Or is there some abandoned oil rig for sale outside any country’s jurisdiction?
Any ideas?

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Maybe can provide the information you are looking for.


Where exactly on that page? I cannot find it.

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  1. go to fullscreen map -->
  2. now you can choose layers (I have a German version, I´m sure you finde it in your language)


Yes, but it shows the ocean depth only very close to shore, not on high seas. :frowning:

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In German it is called “Tiefenlinien (beta)”. Open Sea Map has many sources so you get a layer for sonar from some ships and an other layer with “deep lines” from other maps.

But hopefully somebody has a script that can search for maybe “100m or less deep” and paint these


Yes, that would be great, but this is not possible right now :frowning:

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I’m surprised that this information is not available directly from the TSI website.


The simple answer is that such a map would be pointless.

You are assuming a shallow area is not claimed by a country. But actually all shallow areas are claimed by countries. There are none that are open for settlement.

Examples: Kingman Reef - US Territory even though it is under water.

Spratly Islands - Claimed by China, Philippines and Vietnam

Cay Sal Bank - Owned by Bahamas

Chagos / Benares Shoals / Diego Garcia - Claimed by UK and Mauritius

The reason all shoals are claimed is that countries want the mineral resources (if any) beneath them and with the 12 mile or 200 mile limit.

So go back to your drawing board, and decide which country you want to work with - because there is not a square inch of earth that is not claimed, and most ambigious places are claimed by multiple countries. (PS - Also the moon, and maybe Mars). This discussion IS on TSI in great length in the archives.


Look at the seamount catalog on

The red areas are the highest elevations / shallowest water depths.

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Looks like this is a shalow place within EEZ, oficialy international waters. This place is in the middle of the ocean, so weather and waves would be the most dificult part to manage. There are jack-up platforms that could be lifted up in the 50 meters zone. But once again you will encouter the high price of those platforms (~10M$).

This zone is about 3 square kilometers, so there´s enough space to place a city.
Boy, what a dream…