"THE SEASTEADERS" video series (Part 3)

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Originally published at: http://www.seasteading.org/2018/01/the-seasteaders-video-series-part-3/

Here’s Part Three of our new video series telling the story of our partnership with Polynesians. Consider that Polynesians have been choosing among islands and founding new societies for more than a thousand years. For a seasteader, meeting these extraordinary people feels like coming home. This extraordinary story would never have occurred without the sustaining support of…

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I have not seen any links to any videos. @joequirk

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For the rest of us who cannot, or do not want to, watch the video in the format mandated here by @joequirk , you can find them all at


Being able to save the video to watch without the jerkyness and low resolution of a slow download link is a plus of youtube.