"THE SEASTEADERS" video series, Part 2

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Originally published at: http://www.seasteading.org/2018/01/the-seasteaders-video-series-part-2/

Here’s Part Two of our new video series telling the story of our partnership with Polynesians. I co-created it with Pascal Erhel Hatuuku from the Marquesas archipelago in French Polynesia. Pascal was also emcee of the First International Tahitian Seasteading Gathering, and he’s the first person you see in this video, declaring that Polynesians are the first…

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For the rest of us who cannot, or do not want to, watch the video in the format mandated here by @joequirk , you can find them all at


Being able to save the video to watch without the jerkyness and low resolution of a slow download link is a plus of youtube.