"THE SEASTEADERS" video series, Part 1

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Originally published at: http://www.seasteading.org/2018/01/the-seasteaders-video-series-part-1/

Creating this new video series with my friend Pascal Erhel Hakuutu from the Marquesas Islands was a powerful experience for us. As we watched the astonishing footage from the First Tahitian Seasteading Gathering, we were emotionally transported back to the moment where our cultures connected and began to learn from each other. Seasteading is much…

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Great Videos !

strong emotional content | great media work | flawless implementation |

Congrats on that…

Wilfried Ellmer | nautilusmaker

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Where is the video?
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@joequirk ,

Great stuff! I have seen most of the segments from other longer videos but this one has been edited beautifully - really punchy and to the point - congratulations!

BTW, this whole exercise reminds me of a Pop Song I have always loved - Chistine Anu’s “My Island Home” - Christine is of Australian Aboriginal descent but the theme rings true for all of us around the Pacific (I am Australian). I will send her a note about the BF project - t would be great if she was interested in it and wanted to be involved.

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Congratulations to The Seasteading Institute and to Blue Frontiers on their success!
I think, Joe Quirk and Randolph Hencken are doing a truly good job.
Best regards;

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About Chritine Anu; My Island Home:

It is a nice song. This is a nice video. It is nice, that you will send her a note.
If she is interested about the project or if she would want to be involved, well
that might be a low probability event. (long shut)
And I would not be offended if I never got a response from her.

(Philip Rhoades P) #7

Yes, I try not to be offended when I don’t get responses - whether they are from high-profile scientists or pop stars . . but . . you never know and you certainly won’t get a response if you don’t try in the first place . .

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Yes, I agree. And it might be a good thing for ‘high profile’ people to be noticed,
and receive a nice comment.

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@joequirk ,

Although I am fairly convinced that the The Floating Island Project in French Polynesia is a fantastic first step and is attractive for me for a number of reasons, I would like to get some first-hand experience of the place (I have been to other island countries in the South Pacific) so I am thinking about going to Bora Bora from Sydney in the near future.

ATM, this place looks about as close as I can get to what the floating island might be like:

  • check out the “Overwater Bungalow”

I probably can’t afford to stay there very long this year but it would be nice to make contact with supporters of the Blue Frontiers project while I am there.


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For the rest of us who cannot, or do not want to, watch the video in the format mandated here by @joequirk , you can find them all at


Being able to save the video to watch without the jerkyness and low resolution of a slow download link is a plus of youtube.

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There are no studies here. TSI is a real estate company trying to make the most money possible by making the priciest real estate possible. If TSI was a place of study and education, you would see gigabytes of oceanolgy data here, but this site is more prominent for the lack of useable data. If this place was serious about getting the oppressed masses afloat, there would be some physical place where boats or barges were being mass produced for the purpose.

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Sorry for confusion, maybe my language mistake.
I follow TSI as an engineer



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No real confusion, Ali. The opinion above is merely an opinion, and rather abruptly stated. The opinion is one I sometimes share to a degree, but the fault does not lie with your post.