The New Age of Sail

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shouldn’t you write that in your profile? this is about “The new age of Sail” by Orlov

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Humanities problems will be solved, and are solved by the Natural Laws.
I am just doing my best on a personal level to fit into the rules of Natural Laws.

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Good luck and good bye.

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Ok we know now that @spark has an “opinion” 7 billion people on the planet have a different one and nobody cares. So let’s come back to Orlov and his hypothesis of the comeback of a nomadic lifestyle and its basic drivers

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Hi guys! Yea, O----- A ‘Ball Stead’ as I recall.

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ball stead ? - link please…

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A interesting hypothesis - as our world becomes “globalized” it also becomes “globally mobile” not only for goods (containers) also for people…what makes mobilis in mobili (captain nemo’s motto) a natural extension of the already existing mega-trend to mobility.

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Seen from another perspective Orlov’s fears and solution also make sense.
It’s observable that technological innovation has been changing the World and human life in an apparently exponentially faster fashion.
As people migrate to the cities and are born there, they also feel like they are not in such solid ground (uprooted in all senses). The new urban environment is not as miserably previsible / foreseeable as the world of our ancestors, it can be a lot better and also in times unthinkably worse.
Technological innovation and rapid urbanization, and Globalism, is already homogenizing “safe” old established cities and regions down the World standard of sudden urbanization, as well as creating new previously unforeseeable thriving cities (like Dubai). The cycle of decay and growth becomes faster and faster to the point that making a living, owning real estate, or a manufacturing center, makes more sense either by making it ephemeral or movable.

A lot of production and goods and services consumed have already gone completely ephemeral (internet browser instead of physical theaters and lecture halls). The physical World needs to adapt providing versatile, flexible, movable platforms upon which humans can continue living a globalized virtual life, irrespective of static geography and borders.

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Thank you cusin Ellmer.
You know , because of the common history Hungarians consider Austrians as cusins.
Ofcourse, the ungarsche temperament was always considered by the Austrian with tolerance.
Thank you.

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Well i consider myself a citicen of planet earth “nationalist identies” a pest that only leads to chaos and war. I think humanity needs to grow out of its chilhood pants or Orlovs visions and hypothesis which are the thread topic become a reality… And i am a firce believer that only the scientific approach brings progress and our forum should stick to it to not degenerate to time waste. What i am working against is “unfunded opinions” and the scholastic tendency to stuff them down the throat of everybody…in the sense of enlightenment as freedom of scholastic tendencies. If in consequence i was harsch on you take my sincere apology and lets move on formulating and debating “well founded hypothesis” and make some progress.

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  • …isn’t he taking a bit to far in the second part of the write up where he is painting that deep and desperate “prepper scenario”…

  • are there not better solutions to achieve something similiar ?

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Oh come on ellmer! You have to remember! On the old forum there was a guy who lived not too far from you who put forward the idea of massively scaled up round buoys made of steel reinforced concrete. Basically, ‘Spheres’ with a pier, [O----]! He called it a ‘Ballstead’.


I had forgotten Vincent Cate…

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YES!!! That’s the one! Properly weighted and moored with a pier for visiting boats trailing out like a tail in the wind and current… I still think this is one of the best ideas ever!

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it would be strongly improved and move much less when ballasted down to this point…

we have that extensive in the ocean sphere section… orlov is probably too focused on the “sailboat” there are other forms of oceanic mobile living space bubbles that can probably be built easier and perform better in the habitation field. I would like to put this hypothesisthere are better ways to achive orlovs goals” and submit it to informed debate in the frame of orlovs base hypothesis.

think : ocean spheres and bubble cluster cities drifting and warping the ocean currents in nomadic search of still available resources…sails are not the only mean of moving around without a engine… oceanic organisms do global voyages just with the currents…


And again you posted that pic of the concrete slabs poured on an island to contain a radioactive dump. It’s falling apart and needs $millons on rebuilding. The Marshallese have asked for international intervention.

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@Matias, you opened this thread - you are supposed to lead it ! Do you think my post is off topic ?

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Do not let the waves bust your ballstead.


Oh yeas, who would want to live in something with that much movement going on?

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I would, and twenty more characters. -))