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  • Why mainstream investors cant’ see that ? -
  • What should we do to make it “better visible” ?
  • How to solve the technology bottleneck ?

References in this context:
[solving the technology bottleneck]( | [floating real estate]( | [cost per square meter]( ) | [making seasteading affordable]( | [transform what exists now into what we envision for tomorrow]( |[ transition capacity business potential - check Kalifa, Tanka, Venice]( |

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We can do these:
Idea Contest
Art Contest for youth, adults, professionals
CG Visual FX ad.
Education via PBS TV, Discovery Channels
Conferences on issue
TED Talks?
any Seasteading event held, IE HI FL VA CT GA NC SC??

Id be huge if done right.
Ideas taken online & PO mail for scanning & then online etc.
Do surveys
Modelling concepts.
Cover rising population & Food issues.

Mainstream investors need Education on issue
& using offshelf Tech to build Seasteads 1-9 alone.

Use TV shows & movies to educate
The Abyss
City Beneath the Sea 1971, WB
Undersea City 1962.
Costeau Natl Geo shows, 1960s.

Online sources:
Instagram ( photos alone) ( Eco)
nautical websites
Sci fic sites
marine technology sites
marine engineering sites
& more


As for why investors can’t see the possible benefits to aquaculture, seasteading, etc is that it would be a big risk. Along with the fact that aquaculture, saltwater or freshwater, can be done on land. Only when floating sea structures are built and proven successful and advantageous, will others want to do so also.

As to what could be done to make Seasteading’s benefits more visible is to prove its benefits, by actually making a sea structure. All it should take is one successful ocean business for others to join in.

I assume that you mean the technological challenges limiting ocean colonization by technology bottleneck. Well, money can help. Surviving storms could be an issue, but this forum seems to have some promising threads about that. Electricity and freshwater for sea residences could be a little challenging due to how much of those resources are needed, even though the technology exists.


IMHO, there is no technology bottleneck. If we can put men on the moon, install multi-billion-dollar offshore rigs/platforms/barges, then, using current knowledge, we can buld pretty much whatever. It doesn’t even require a profitable business, just one break-even family venture would put it into the realm that makes it feasible. The problem is building the first seastead/gulfstead.

The bottleneck is funding and places to build. For a massive floating barge, to put condos on, it can be done, especially considering the NKOSSA barge is at least as large as the TSI concept.

As for places to build, the options are to buy and put in an incubator site, where folks can come buld their own thing, or pay a King’s ransom, to have a corporation build it, regardless of size.

All the art contests in the world haven’t built the first thing. All the publishing hasn’t built anything. Once the consumer becomes aware of the initial cost, plus ongoing fees, the prospects are beyond the average person, for the condo-barges. Making a build-it-yourself, incubator site is the only way the average person is going to be able to afford the attempt. MOST of those that would be likely to do so, would prefer pre-engineered designs, so they buy a plans and instructions set, and go from there, just as was done with ferrocement yachts, in the '70s.

That leaves needing access to certified marine architects and engineers, at affordable costs. THAT, my friends, is the bottleneck.

Building a hull, even for a mega yacht is ~10% of the total COST, but getting plans engineered and certified is easily 2-3 times that. Once the design and plans are certified, THEN they become affordable as individual sets.

From a practical standpoint, the engineering has to include proper sewage management, energy generation, food production, storage, and more.

If I could ask one thing from a needed sponsorship program, it would be access to a certified marine architect and naval engineering firm. I would prefer someone that can develope a ferrocement plan, based on my design concepts, that will meet the insurability standards, such as Lloyd’s, as well as the pending international standards over sewage handling.

My own concepts handle these issues at homestead-scale/small-family-scale. Once built, I will have to have a permanent mooring site, which requires government approval, at least for my purposes. I have no intention of trying to anchor in mile-deep international waters, for my own reasons. IF such a mooring site is done to meet the scale of current offshore platforms, then there would be sufficient anchorage for multiple small, family-scale seasteads/gulfsteads, allowing growth and the development of communities, which is the path I intend to take.

Once I have a reasonable facility to live at, while I build, I will begin further development, testing and contacting the marine architects and naval engineers I need. I don’t expect it to be a cheap process, but the final product should be capable of handling anything short of a direct hit from a major hurricane. Once I get the majority of my hull done, I will have space available for others to begin the production their initial projects.

Jeff Frusha

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Does somebody have an outline of what the costs are?

I’d be interested in getting a ballpark figure of what some of the main expenses would be for a Seastead.

How much does it cost to create a Seastead? I’ve seen that Blueseed was looking for $27 million. Does anybody know how this was broken down? Were they looking to make back the $27 million?

How much does it cost to maintain a Seastead?

How much would it cost to live on a Seastead VS living in America? America, and most nations, take around 30 - 50% of your income each year. What percentage of your income would a Seastead take?

What would be the sources of revenue for the people putting up the funds?

Thanks for any documents or help on this :slight_smile:

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Short answer USD 20-800 per real estate square meter (depends on method | heavy mid light | is the outcome of our pilot projects. (cost to the builder ) | value up to USD 17.000 of a oceanfront real estate square meter on the local market (Cartagena Caribbean Real Estate). Factor 1:100 in ROI - that is good business.

The same (or a bit less due to - monopoly escape) than a land based condo administration (if it is built in concrete composite instead of marine steel - means low maintenance tech)

Our group (oceanic business alliance) is currently developing models of a “universal transaction fee of 1%” - no taxes - in phase 1-3 is a key goal to keep free spirited mobile minds flocking to the development and allow a Venice | Singapore | business model.

The big five of ocean colonization on long term, real estate tourism, marine services, on short term

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