Tenders and Aux vessels

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Pretty cool:

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Use of diesel outboards would be enabling for locally-produced bio-diesel (or methane blended diesel type fuels) from algae or other local bio-fuel inputs.


And plastic. :open_mouth:

–> “The sub – called the Optionally Manned Technology Demonstrator – is a 30-foot submersible made of thermoplastic resin, and it closely resembles the covert infiltration mini-subs used by the Navy SEALs.”

Unlike metal or concrete (that sink), plastic floats … and proper repairs have less risk of leakage.

Could be a very good technology for seasteading. :slight_smile:

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More Poly boats:


The Whaly 500 Professional has been designed with in a RIB-like format with both the hull and the ‘tube’ fully integrated and constructed at the same time by rotationally moulding the polyethylene in suitable moulds. The material is extremely hard wearing and can stand up to arduous use in a variety of applications. For this ‘Professional’ design the craft has a landing craft style with a hinged ramp at the bow that can be lowered manually for beach access or for easily loading heavy equipment.

This hull is 4.99 metres long with a beam of 2.10 metres and the craft has a low profile of just 1.01 metres which allows it to be easily stowed on board larger craft when used as a tender. The weight without the motor is 350 kg.
The ‘Professional’ is designed to be powered by a small outboard and the recommended power is 50hp. Tiller steering and control are used with the driver sitting on the aft thwart. Speeds are modest but when lightly loaded the craft will come up onto the plane and achieve speeds of around 20 knots. The hull has a shallow vee with side skegs and this makes for easy planing.


The Lamor Seahunter can serve as a multiple use commercial platform or powered vessel. Each hull is designed to be connected together either at port, starboard or bow with simple lockable pins, or it can be used individually. It is ideal for working in marinas, swamps and transporting passengers along shoreline and rivers.

The catamaran shaped hull is manufactured in rotomolded thermo plastic (PE), which ensures durable and low maintenance surface. The hull can be equipped with up to a 50hp outboard engine. Additional options available include a steering console with hydraulic steering, electric start, trim/tilt, propeller protection guard, anti-skid material on all flooring, manual davit, tow bar, rear entry ladder, side ladder, cleats, railings, sun cover and trailer.

The Lamor Seahunter can carry up to seven passengers and is easily transported on trailers, in trucks, containers etc. The hulls can also be stored on top of each other. Its hull weighs less than 1,000 pounds (450kg).

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I picked up a couple inflatable boats (for free) over the weekend. One has a slow leak, the other one needs a new or massively repaired tube.

Both hypalon, so I am going to try my hand at hypalon repair as a learning project.

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Some small stuff is built:

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And they say this:

An expert on another forum has said trying new features, and making a boat do more than one service is foolhardy and doomed to failure. There must be a reason we’ve always not done it that way before.

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A Dolphin friend of mine, told me that everything is impossible until someone does it. Well, he sure made me a believer.

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Yea, but who wants to be an outcast every time they start something new, no matter how many times they have won against naysayers? Can you imagine sailing up to a seastead, and someone yells “their boat isn’t made like our’s, sink them!”? What if someone put ramps on a floating drydock and used it like a roro? What if they armored a RIB so grounding on sharp rocks wasn’t a huge concern? What if their seastead split in two so it could fit in standard marina slots? What if they used the seadoos as side thrusters when in tight maneuvering? See how quickly you’d hear so many times that this thinking is abnormal and to be shunned, and anyone participating be outcast?

People would just give up and do nothing. If they ever did do anything unconventional, they’d never admit it.

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By the way, that was true. Max played for the 1972 Miami Dolphins that had the NFL’s only perfect season, no losses, no ties, all the way to the Superbowl. It was no cake walk either, they had to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers to get to that SB. Absolutely awesome.