Taking care of business

(Bradley Ricket) #1

I have not seen anything on setting up a maintenance department. I know it is expensive to set up. We are going need to get that set up before we open for business . Let’s talk about it


I think many plan on using ROVs to inspect, probably for simpler operations, such as removing biological growth, as well as integral preventive measures, such as anodic corrosion prevention.

Depending on size, many designs are simply too large for current dry-dock facilities…

(Nick Gencarelle) #3

A new concrete ROV? We now can go deep.

'Ferrocement' ROV? Made using, for inspection and servicing of Seasteads and their extant operational features

Now there’s a thought that hasn’t been considered…!

I wonder what we could do to explore that, within reasonable, low-cost design parameters…