Stability of Semi-submerged Spheres

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I don’t think that would be much of a problem. I envisioned a set of steps (like a fire escape) going down to an adjustable ramp or ladder which in turn goes down to a floating dock. Our ideas for phase two of the Marinea project was to make the platforms semi-submersible like the oil derricks. For that one, I envisioned steps spiraling down around the legs that are holding the platform up.

Designing Access From the Water & Other Human Factors
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Steps/stairs work for moving a few people at a time. Not so great for equipment or cargo.

Nothing can really be taken for granted when planning an entirely-built environment. Anything you overlook, underestimate, or simply err on, can cause you problems.

This is why large engineering projects start with defining requirements rather than with designs.

Designing Access From the Water & Other Human Factors
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I did neglect that part. Above the floating platform would be a staging area on the main platform with two cranes for lifting cargo cages directly from a boat or from the floating dock. A cage with seats would be used for people.

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Splitting topic to talk about access methods over here.


Any further input on the stability question?

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What kind of input would you like?

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