SRS (SRL) - the first project

(Mariusz) #21

Thousands of groups? Please name me five that are currently doing something other than planning and looking for investors.

Yes, you’re right that it’s impossible to know if someone else is not working on seasteading… but the fact that someone does something “oceanic” does not mean it helps to bring floating cities or seasteads to reality. Look at space exploration - you easily name thousands of non-profit organizations that are trying to in one way or the other colonize the space… How many organizations can you name that are trying to colonize the oceans?

(Wilfried Ellmer) #22

how would i know - i am not sitting in all the boardrooms either … i can only talk about the boardrooms i am sitting in… | boardroom | - i can assure you that people do things beyond planning weather buoys…you might want to check on the break away civilization thread…to get a picture…

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…the only feasible answer that comes to mind for the clutter from @BobDohse below | ref nutcase segment | explain yourself | ref 564 | pointless |

(Mariusz) #23

So in fact you have no idea if there are thousands of groups, you’re just hoping for thousands of groups.

And I’m very glad that there are people that “do things beyond planning weather buoys”. You know why? Because unlike you I understand my limitations, and I can admit that it’s possible that I will fail to build anything. I don’t want my SRS idea to be the only way. In fact I want other people not only to build other stuff, come up with other ideas, but also to compete with me. And if they succeed and I don’t - that’s fine. If your strategy will win in the end, I will be very happy, as long as I will be able to visit a floating city,population 100k in my lifetime.


Yet @Elmo pontificates in ignorance …

… non-stop …

… criticizing every idea that differs from his own phony “investment” scheme …

… and demeaning every other member who dares to post their own idea that might divert funds from @Elmo’s schemes.

@Elmo acts as if HE is the moderator of the TSI web site.

Stop bullying the members, @Elmo.

Allow other members to collaborate without your self-serving criticism.

THAT is what a collaborative forum is about … not you acting like everyone’s mother.



The data buoy would help with mariculture, in multiple ways, however, if it is part OF a seasteàd, the weather monitoring can use standard, available equipment. UNDER water data, however, would be helpful, as a scientific info source, as a potential fishing guide network and as a management tool, for mariculture.

SINCE the goal of Seasteading IS to live at sea, gathering data would be beneficial.

W.E. and his shadow have fantasies that the engineering technology, and materials technology cannot build.

Finance your own smaller projects, however you can. My own is coming out of my own pocket, and will cost over $150k, be hand built, but the materials and engineering, even the basic design, already exist.

Don’t let pissants ruin your party. Just sayin’

(EK) #27

This sounds like a great idea! I’m a very big proponent of collecting data and gathering info.

Are you working on this on your own or looking for help?

(Mariusz) #28

@Ekahn I will gladly work with anyone willing to put some time into this or any of the other, planned projects!

(EK) #29

Awesome! I’d love to put some time into working on this or really any project. Where are you right now with it? Or I guess a better question would be, what are your next steps for this?

(Mariusz) #30

Currently I’m in early design stages, as the project just began last week. Let me know what is your expertise, or how would you like to help. You can do it here, or through private msgs.

(Larry G) #31

Off the shelf telemetry has come a long way.