SRS (SRL) - the first project


Expensive, but perhaps a variation of this could be used for solar power, for each level of sensor package, to cut issues with wire breakage and make for a better sealed unit…

Additional FO for data- transmission to the main buoy, for the transmitter?

Granted, this is way beyond the scope of a $100 weather buoy, but might actually be more useful…


Science and product development are enhanced by both exploratory research and experiential learning.

Each builds upon the other and depends upon the other.

If TSI’s limited funds aren’t used, why must any member’s project be disparaged or discouraged by the crew from the @Elmo alliance

… who object to every idea that might possibly lead readers away from Wil Ellmer’s private “investment” scheme …

… and who criticize other member’s when they present ideas that might distract readers from Wil’s hyperlinks inserted in comments solely to capture “investment” funds for his own private (non-TSI) scheme?

Wrong question, @Elmo.

Instead, you might consider not criticizing every idea that differs from your own private “investment” scheme.


Good points, @JL_Frusha.

If the mariculture is of any size at all, then mapping the entire project at various points to determine variations throughout the mariculture project would be vital for proper management of the commercial project.

Further, no one has yet mapped the data variations around any of the proposed seasteading cities. That would be a worthy project separate from mariculture.

@6d6b73’s buoy project has practical usage, … as designed, and as it would undoubtedly be modified in future variations.

(Mariusz) #15

That sounds like it could be something rather useful. I will definitely see how soon it could be added.
I don’t want to share too much too early, but here is my general idea what I plan on have available in the next 3-4 years (sooner if time and budget permits) :

Seastead Data Center
Set of communication devices, data storage, network of sensors to monitor seastead and its environment.
So data, or weather buoys, local SeasteadNet with access to offline websites like Gutenberg Project, Wikipedia, access to Outernet, SeasteadMesh for communication with other seasteads, local media center to store and all of your entertainment, getting NOAA data and images from the satellites, emergency beacon, ability to connect many different sensors, control devices etc.
It might seem like an impossible project, but some of that work is already done as other projects by other people, and it all just needs to be put together, simplified and tested. I already have some of the components in my home lab,and I’m building automation stuff at work, so there is a tiny chance that I might be able to actually pull this off :slight_smile:
Time will tell.

(Mariusz) #16

TSI can do what they want with the projects they run and sponsor, but on something like this I honestly don’t care if someone thinks that it’s not “evolving floating cities”. I do appreciate any suggestions and ideas that anyone presents, but I don’t need any permission, from to act.

It’s not that nothing was done in the sea faring front, that would obviously is false. But seasteading is at a point where computing was before open source movement gave access to free, quality software to people. Before only big organizations with huge budgets could afford computers and the necessary software. My hope is that a small project like the one I’m undertaking will help to move people from “wait and see” approach to “let’s try even if we fail”.

I consider myself an investor. With this project I will invest my time and money to make seasteads possible. :slight_smile:

(Wilfried Ellmer) #17

@6d6b73 if you think you have considered all the arguments and come to the conclusion that building a weather bouy with @BobDohse and @JL_Frusha - to move seasteading forward - is the best you can come up with - you should do exactly that…it is part of the seasteading core value that “everybody gets his way”…good luck to the venture and the SRL group !

(Mariusz) #18

If you want floating cities to ever become a reality, we need to build an industry around the whole concept. That small project that I’m working on, is my attempt to kickstart this industry. Just let your imagination run wild and think if the following scenario is even remotely possible:

First few buoys are built and deploy around the world. People start sharing the data, offering improvements, asking for more features. These request are fulfilled by various people. Some offer improvements for free, some charge money for their ideas. Some people pool their limited funds and build simple floating platform to test some of the other ideas that people came up with. They reinvest the money made on their ideas and create much bigger platforms, test more stuff. In a few years that platform becomes a permanent floating lab. This brings more money, more investment, more people near that one lab. Other labs are developed in other parts of this planet. Someday one or more of them expands so much that it becomes a floating city…

Unlikely? Perhaps… But I think this is more likely than the idea that one of the world’s billionaires decides that it’s a good idea to build a floating city, and make the necessary investment. Yes, it’s highly likely that I will fail. But if there is even a small chance that I will succeed, it will be the first time in history of this organization that anyone will be able to build or buy something made specifically for their future seastead.

(Mariusz) #19

It’s not the best or the only thing I can come up with, but it’s the most realistic considering time and budget constrains. And it will not take long to find out if this project is a better alternative to the current “pray for an investor” strategy.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #20

The misleading hypothesis was coined that there is something as a “pray for an investor” strategy currently at work in the seasteading movement.

• The seasteading movement is no uniform monolithic movement at all. There are thousands of groups doing many different things with diverse strategic goals

• It is impossible to know for anybody who is not sitting in the boardroom of all of those projects to make any kind of founded comment on what the strategy those projects are after. | what is happening now how would you know ? |

(Mariusz) #21

Thousands of groups? Please name me five that are currently doing something other than planning and looking for investors.

Yes, you’re right that it’s impossible to know if someone else is not working on seasteading… but the fact that someone does something “oceanic” does not mean it helps to bring floating cities or seasteads to reality. Look at space exploration - you easily name thousands of non-profit organizations that are trying to in one way or the other colonize the space… How many organizations can you name that are trying to colonize the oceans?

(Wilfried Ellmer) #22

how would i know - i am not sitting in all the boardrooms either … i can only talk about the boardrooms i am sitting in… | boardroom | - i can assure you that people do things beyond planning weather buoys…you might want to check on the break away civilization thread…to get a picture…

context: subdue to nobody | ocean colonization key player network |

…the only feasible answer that comes to mind for the clutter from @BobDohse below | ref nutcase segment | explain yourself | ref 564 | pointless |

(Mariusz) #23

So in fact you have no idea if there are thousands of groups, you’re just hoping for thousands of groups.

And I’m very glad that there are people that “do things beyond planning weather buoys”. You know why? Because unlike you I understand my limitations, and I can admit that it’s possible that I will fail to build anything. I don’t want my SRS idea to be the only way. In fact I want other people not only to build other stuff, come up with other ideas, but also to compete with me. And if they succeed and I don’t - that’s fine. If your strategy will win in the end, I will be very happy, as long as I will be able to visit a floating city,population 100k in my lifetime.


Yet @Elmo pontificates in ignorance …

… non-stop …

… criticizing every idea that differs from his own phony “investment” scheme …

… and demeaning every other member who dares to post their own idea that might divert funds from @Elmo’s schemes.

@Elmo acts as if HE is the moderator of the TSI web site.

Stop bullying the members, @Elmo.

Allow other members to collaborate without your self-serving criticism.

THAT is what a collaborative forum is about … not you acting like everyone’s mother.



The data buoy would help with mariculture, in multiple ways, however, if it is part OF a seasteàd, the weather monitoring can use standard, available equipment. UNDER water data, however, would be helpful, as a scientific info source, as a potential fishing guide network and as a management tool, for mariculture.

SINCE the goal of Seasteading IS to live at sea, gathering data would be beneficial.

W.E. and his shadow have fantasies that the engineering technology, and materials technology cannot build.

Finance your own smaller projects, however you can. My own is coming out of my own pocket, and will cost over $150k, be hand built, but the materials and engineering, even the basic design, already exist.

Don’t let pissants ruin your party. Just sayin’

(EK) #27

This sounds like a great idea! I’m a very big proponent of collecting data and gathering info.

Are you working on this on your own or looking for help?

(Mariusz) #28

@Ekahn I will gladly work with anyone willing to put some time into this or any of the other, planned projects!

(EK) #29

Awesome! I’d love to put some time into working on this or really any project. Where are you right now with it? Or I guess a better question would be, what are your next steps for this?

(Mariusz) #30

Currently I’m in early design stages, as the project just began last week. Let me know what is your expertise, or how would you like to help. You can do it here, or through private msgs.

(Larry G) #31

Off the shelf telemetry has come a long way.