Spam in the forum

  1. Please do not reply to forum spam.

  2. If it is clearly and definitely spam, please do use the flag button to flag it as spam.

True spam is not tolerated. All of that “passport” crap that was posted today is deleted, and the user is deleted and blocked.

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A reminder:

This forum is not an SEO (search engine optimization) service. Posts clearly designed to promote the stats of other websites will not be tolerated. Violating the rules may result in your content being deleted, in whole or in part.

Continued violation may result in the user being banned, temporarily or permanently.

This is not to prevent users pointing to useful discussions, commercial products or services that are uniquely suited to seasteading or of interest to the forum user base. It does entail some judgement on the part of the user posting the content and the admins as to whether it is appropriate.

Please review the forum guidelines and be aware that your post may be deleted in whole or in part at TSI’s discretion as applied by the best judgement of the forum admins.

This applies particularly to redundant, repetitive links to a user’s personal, self promoting commercial efforts.

Use some judgement, have some class, promote seasteading more than yourself.

As stated above in the original post: please DO NOT escalate on spam posts. Flag it for admin attention and it will be addressed ASAP by a (volunteer, part time) Admin. Let’s get the content to crap ratio back up, PLEASE!