Space, the final frontier


Nope. Just exercising my freedom of speach and standing my ground. Both perfectly legal in Florida.

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well…I can’t say for sure if your displacement calculations are spot on, because the full section is not shown (here). I t could turn out to be that diving bell type thing that was discussed a week or two ago. but nix the wrong as always anyways, you are correct (as you understand it).

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No you aren’t, you only think you are.


Just because somebody “thinks” they “understand” doesn’t make them correct.

All it matters here is draft since in an

per conversation at hand.

So, you would want a shallow draft seastead that can be floated in shallow waters, close to shore, to start up.

As it stands, I can float 1000 of the above modules in 10’ of water, displace 36,000.00 tons total AND sit on the bottom at low tide on bilge keels, if needed.

That’s where the major advantage is,… not in whatever the displacement is,…as Noboxes “thinks” that she “correctly understands” …

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You win! Wooooooo! I’m an asshole!


So, location being what it is, I’m planning for a max depth of 2 meters…

THAT is a critical value, since draft needs to be somewhat less than depth.

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@Texas location, and shallow waters… !!! - seriously ?

…check | galveston hurricane history | September 17, 1900, hurricane |

  • and -

Good Luck !


Figuring for a ramp triple normal length and 4X wider than normal (for the US)… That gives a max. beam capacity of ~48 ft/14.6 m

Given those 2 figures, a true Ramde Ramform of 64-96 ft/19.5-29.26 m LOA and 48 ft/14.6 m beam should have a draft 48 inches/1.2 meters…


That’s very tight. 6 feet man,… minus 4 draft is 2. At low tide you’re on the bottom. Period. As I said, then you need bilge keels…

But why do that at every low tide when you can float in 15’+ at anchor,…


Which yet has to be build, JL…

Soooooooooo, a 48’ BEAM “whatever” could be launched in on it. PLEASE show me that 48’ WIDE trailer for sale anywhere, and I’ll buy it for you.

And the fricking truck to tow that in,…


Place to build and launch isn’t the same as parking it in the Gulf of Mexico, or elsewhere, but it sure beats not having anywhere to build and launch…

Could build and launch those, there, too…


Why think small, when there are self-propelled modular trailers?

The heaviest load moved by self-propelled modular trailers (SPMTs) is 14,754.19 tonnes (16,263.71 US tons), and was achieved by KCTC CO., Ltd. (Republic of Korea) in Goseong, Republic of Korea, on 23 June 2016.

KCTC CO., Ltd. transported a block that was 110.5 meters long, 50 meters wide and 40 meters high.

But, wth, you offered, who am I to refuse such generousity…?


Ok,… also,…show me that “fricking truck”,… :smile:

And, if you’ll get that 48’ BEAM seastead build, I WILL LAUNCH IT FOR YOU, on my expense.


Thank you, but I expect a Mobile Gantry Crane would be the better option, there… Although, there are many other options to moving and launching such a vessel, the 48 ft beam Ramform will be phase #2, so, not too terribly soon.


I’m glad you came to your senses. Saved me some money,…

What’s phase #1? The keel of that 48’ Ramform? (just messing w/you) And why a “Ramform”? What’s up with this ramform and seasteading? How is that related to “Space, the final frontier” and the fact that you stated, as an opening statement:

LOL, you just said a crane would do,… Your goals are confusing,…

Just saying,…


Ramp gives access to other builders, as well as fees for launching other vessels… A solid pier on either side can support a gantry crane, allowing other shipyard uses, such as hauling out for hull inspections, and maintenance, at the same time, I don’t need a trailer to launch something that cannot be towed down the highway, anyhow.

Limiting the options is not in the best interest of long-term operations.


In theory and as a shipyard business I agree.

But, just as you described above, it’s a $ million investment. Got the cash? I ain’t got that much,…

On the other hand, you already now my objection to such investment. Why build boatyards to build seasteads? Boatyards already exists. Pay them, build, float, operate. Done.

I know,… the incubator, lets bring people together, kumbaya to seasteading, let’s organize, unite, etc. I no longer have time for that,…

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Ya doesn’t build a boatyad to beeuld seasteads, you built a place they can be assembled.

person 1 shows up with a kit boat, assembled, launch, be happy.

person 2 shows up with several 6ft diameter pontoon sections, assembles, launches, bees happy man.

person 3 shows up in his floatie, anchors off, orders some steel, it’s delivered, pushed onto his boat, he leaves, all is hoppy.

person 4 does whatever with 20ft containers, we think he’s taking tires out to a @chinaseapirate , but he paid his bill, we all very happy!

So what the hell is @Octavian’s problem? It’s not a boat yard we talking about! Kum by heeya, be hahpy!


Multiple use space, including individual builds. Rent your lot and do it the best way that suits your needs. I don’t have anywhere to even build, let alone launch, my concepts. They’re too large for highway transport and not able to be sectioned and reassembled. If I plan to build there, I can expect others to need to.

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