Software tools for simulating seastead designs?

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I have been looking at Solidworks to do some tweaking of my seastead design in a computer simulated environment. I like this tool because it can simulate the effects of water pressure on a design in a dynamic way (higher pressure at lower depths).

There are many engineering formulas included and many different sets of materials along with their physical characteristics.

However the price is a bit prohibitive, $4k plus $1250 per year for the basic package, close to $10k all together for their premium suite.

Any suggestions on similar simulation software that could provide the best bang for the buck?

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I get it. Try sketch up — Simple but effective. T

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I tried sketch up. It is good. Matias Volco knows a lot about it.
I learned a lot, but my knowledge is minimal.

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There is a program called Katia or Catia, that simulates stress on 3d models. The licence costs about 100k€, but you can use it for free, as long as it´s used for non profit projects.

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Fusion 360 has that feature and is free for startups

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Thanks for the info. I use sketchup for basic drawings but I will definitely try the other stress test software.

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DELFTship is working. Now I have to find out how to use it.
Thank’s for the link.

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DELFTship works and sketchup work too separately.
It would be nice to be able to 3d draw something in sketchup and evaluate it in DELFTship.
I might have to use some conversion program kind of thing 3dCAD to convert sketchup to
a 3dCAD file and evaluate that with DELFTship.

3d models of sketchup are in a 3d warehouse:

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A good list of applicable marine design low cost, or freeware that I have posted before:

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