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Society of Maritime Industries (SMI) organises a full calendar of seminars, trade missions and exhibitions, as well as taking part in events run by other organisations. At international exhibitions we frequently run the UK Pavilion and government financial support is often available for participating companies. You can navigate through the list below or use the calendar on the right hand side to find a specific event.

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3rd – 5th October 2017 – Sydney, Australia


PACIFIC 2017, the 10th International Maritime Exposition will take place from 3 to 5 October 2017 in Sydney.

Sponsored by the Royal Australian Navy, it is the major naval exhibition for the Pacific Rim. The three day event comprises an exhibition, conference, senior staff delegations and visiting warships and will focus exclusively on naval defence & maritime security issues and equipment procurement.

The exhibition is open to exhibitors world-wide from companies or groups of companies which design, manufacture, maintain, repair or modernise naval equipment, including naval aviation equipment, refit ships, support fleets, train personnel, and promote, sell or provide naval and maritime security services, or produce documentation and journals connected with the naval defence and maritime security industry.

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Note that the pre-registration says:

The event is reserved for those with a professional, business or operational involvement in commercial maritime and/or naval defence and related government or industry sectors and is not open to the general public.


Access is free of charge to all accredited PACIFIC 2017 trade visitors.

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Often any business address can gain one admittance to industry events. Even fairly peripheral industries. Do we not have any incipient seasteaders in related industries?

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