Small steps in the right direction


thank you all for your comments. @ellmer @thebastidge and @Elwar. Ellmer and bastidge, so you not think elwar’s idea for less medical constraint is bad? I understand maybe some regulation on procedures and testing of products, however wouldn’t it be great if a pioneering new study or procedure could be carried out in your seastead? Imagine what that would do for your new countries reputation?

(Larry G) #22

I’m all in favor of abolishing the FDA. I have seen people do really cool things when freed from pre-existing bias. I have also seen people do really stupid, short-sighted, and selfish things when they have no accountability.

To assume that medical research progress is primarily held up by regulation, is (so far) an unsupported assertion. Research is progressing quite a bit. Application lags. But then we keep finding pesky details… like drugs that supposedly work, actually killing people.


@thebastidge Yes, we do find drugs that do kill or cause harm, all while being regulated, thalidomide, as an example. Unsupported yes, but unture clearly not? If patients are willing to take risks, and companies truly believe there drug works, why do they need to do months of computer and animal testing, with supporting papers. A quick 2 week test on animals should suffice? However lets not get off topic to much.

Bastidge, do you think a full hospital is needed for a seastead?

(Larry G) #24

This is not how science works. If you have to ask “why” then you do not have an understanding of scientific process, do not understand basic economics and the concept of perverse incentives, and are not the person to opine on medical policy. Regardless of regulatory scheme.

Do I think a seastead needs a hospital? No.

No more than every village needs a hospital.


@thebastidge So jus because I have a lack of knowledge, I can’t out my two cents in? Instead of saying I shouldn’t be even talking about this tpic, inform me and develop my understanding. If I had to live on a seastead I certainly wouldn’t want to be told that I shouldn’t be talking about issues just because I lack some knowledge. so all residents in your seastead that didn’t understand the in depth details wouldn’t be able to give their opinion on policies?

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When I’m clearly beyond my depth on a topic, I go seeking info. In this case, it would appear you have zero background in science or the ethics of science. The question itself is nonsensical to a person who has any inkling of that background and makes it clear that you have never taken any education in the subject, and apparently have never even considered it deeply.

It’s a topic with a considerable amount of background material and context.

This may sound insulting to you, but it’s simply fact. It doesn’t make you a bad person, it simply makes you incompetent to offer useful input on the subject. You don’t have “two cents” in your bank account to add to the pot.

The good news is that this is fixable. If you truly want to be involved in such a conversation, I am not the right person to help you. You can help yourself..


ok thanks for that information

(.) #28

I do not know if 2 weeks on animals should suffice. How can this be decided?
It is all well and good until someone is dead. Then there is a dead body,
and who ever is left alive needs to have a good explanation.


@spark, very good point indeed. how would we decide the length of testing needed?

(.) #30

The decision is yours, and the responsibility of that decision is also yours.
I would be careful about offering medical services.
Emergency medicine on a good Samaritan base with no other alternatives could go.
And even that has to be on sound scientific, logical, and proven base of practice.

Good luck with the decision.

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If you scroll down a bit on this page, you’ll find a research paper on:

Offshore and Coastal Floating Hotels: Flotels
Miguel Lamas Pardo, Luis Manuel Carral Cuece

@tamenta you may also be interested in that document. As well as the:
American Bureau of Shipping
GUIDE FOR CREW HABITABILITY ON OFFSHORE INSTALLATIONS (That’s an older version, I have a PDF of the 2016 version but no way to upload here).

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Thank you. I am trying to learn about the barge - platform as fast as possible. I am reading this forum. I may understand the waterline up as well as others. I do not yet understand all the implications of the water down. I am reading. If anyone is curious about urban design, public spaces, mixed-use occupancy and the predevelopment economics — I will try to help. Ted PS: visit for my previous work.

(Theodore M. Amenta) #33

I seek to design the above water level community. I am not competent to provide the below water level support system. Accept for this moment, I know the physical, economic and market feasibility of the above water human condition — single family house, resort, boutique community and urban context (Of course I do not fully understand all this. Please accept tho for the moment only.) I do not fully understand the hexagon notion. What portion is below water? What portion is above water. If I have this input I could design prototype houses and advance your mission. I do not understand the multiple hexagon configuration ---- Ted

Landluber's Guide to Seasteading Feasibility
(Larry G) #34

In my notion, the hexagon has an internal deck slightly above water level. It has walls that extend above and below this. Height is somewhat irrelevant but for the moment, consider an average height of 20’ overall, with half above deck and half below. The underwater portion has an open bottom. The deck is supported by sealed blocks of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam also known as styrofoam, providing buoyancy. The mid-point deck provides structurally integrity, and the top is covered by a “weather deck” that supports superstructure or living/working space.

Should the water tight integrity of the shell between the lower deck and weather deck be compromised, there is no worry because the EPS positively displaces, unlike a hull enclosing empty space.

The multiple hexagon configuration is merely a means of attracting population with single family residences. By using hexagons in a modular fashion, individual units become affordable and cost-effective at the individual family level and become an asset with ownership equity. Clustering them provides for some off-loading of common functional needs like freshwater storage, waste treatment etc. to dedicated hexes (either publicly funded via “taxes” or by service subscription to a business that owns the hex. Variable configuration within the basic size and shape restriction allows for better fit to purpose as well as aesthetic variance. For example, your hexagon could be taller or shorter than mine (above water or below) and still fit into an overall village design.

  • By using a substantial straight edge, a robust mechanical connection can be achieved (better than corner->corner connections or round shapes).
  • The hexagon shape naturally lends itself to multiple units connecting to each other in repeatable patterns while also achieving considerable trapped or en-trained water space.
  • Hexagons packed densely have good structural strength against wind/wave loading or tow operations (being pushed by a tug).
  • The semi-irregular outside edge of a shape formed by multiple hexagons lends itself to greater linear edge than squares or rectangles of the same area, and better interruption of wave patterns than longer, straight edges.
  • Nature has few straight lines; biomimetic design of artificial ecosystems benefits from transition zones and irregular edges. Shellfish aquaculture and similar activities will benefit for the point above as well.

Landluber's Guide to Seasteading Feasibility
(Theodore M. Amenta) #35

I doubt that I agree — BUT— I have learned so much from you that I will try to illustrate the hexagon house on your platform size. I am concerned with the small size in a high wave action storm. Never-the-less — I will illustrate an octagon house in your dimensions as I understand it — I expect we will argue about the result — Ted

Landluber's Guide to Seasteading Feasibility
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I’m going to reply over here to keep threads consistent.


@thebastidge thanks for this

(Larry G) #38

:+1: No problem. There’s a lot of material on this forum, and I’ve overlooked some in the past myself. Forum organization is not always topical or easy to follow, people wander across all kinds of subjects.

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I say Yes to Seastead Villages: 400-500 persons then use that to form Base for City complex.
Have 10, 20 Seastead Village modules X 400 per module , with 400 X 4 wed have 80,000 alone.
Add hotels, condoes to other modules for tourism BUT build into each module:
Diver airlock
Aquafarming area
Ship dock,pier
Boat docks.
Undersea Control Center for divers
Mini Sub Bay.
Mariina area?
To be self sufficent IF Module wants to Leave Main City Core.