Should we turn our sights towards liberland in the interim?


(George Donnelly) #2

Liberland doesn’t exist. No one lives there and no one will since Croatia won’t let you in via land or river. It’s 3 sq mi of mosquito-infested swamp.

I see no future there.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #3

the interesting thing is - how did they get that incredible amount of (undeserved) attention in first place ? - a quest for a new land of the free is on … we should be key player in interference freedom business … not liberland…we might learn from their “marketing strategy” it was excellent !

(George Donnelly) #4

The thing is that they can actually point to real land, i.e., substance, something seasteaders don’t have yet. All the marketing in the world is useless without substance behind it.

Turns out they can’t even access the land to settle illegally but that news reached far fewer ears than the original announcement.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #5

the key is probably in “credibility” - a claim so extraordinary as seasteading needs obviously someting afloat to make its point successfully… for liberland it was pretty much clear that they had cero transition capacity hardwired in their beginnings…

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