Ship repair on a seastead today - ship repair on a seastead tomorrow

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Kat, you are not going to believe this but a week or so ago, I was writing some things up and I remembered how helpful you were when I need help and thought how nice it would be to having a library and I saw myself mentioning that to you. Marinea needs a history and a library of our research. It must have been in my mind that you should think about making it. Its really odd that the same subject should be brought up by the same person I had mentally linked with it in short duration as it was.

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It seems it would be easier, if one had the funds to purchase a used drydock, to refurb and repurpose it, rather than use it to build a new seastead. Unless one planned to be in the business of building seasteads for other people.

I am 100% in agreement about the technical resources and library. I posted a bunch of references in the old forum, a few in the new, but this format is inelegant for archiving a library of coherent material. TSI could probably gain more crowd-sourced wisdom (as opposed to a lot of crowd-sourced nonsense and ignorance) if they put a little effort into aggregating lessons learned, and built primers on seasteading for those who possess some valuable skills and knowledge in other arenas but need some help bridging over into the DIY Seastead space.

Even a library of recommended reading for beginner to peruse before commenting.

I found my copy of that I had ordered, so now I’m happy.

I just finished reading (and you can download the PDF for free at that link) and found it very interesting.

I started reading the chapter on model types in this: and some of the issues surrounding using a model for testing.

But again, these are all things I found for myself. They’re all things I bought for myself. There’s no repository of scholarly articles and professional journals can subscribe to- and TSI as a non-profit research institute could subscribe to many of them, and grant access to members if they chose to. That would be a good use of grant money and investment in crowd-sourcing. They could even make it a subscription fee, but pass on a price break that makes it affordable for individuals, and still defray all of their costs for doing so.

I don’t blame TSI for not putting a lot of time, effort and money into the forum members. But my original understanding was that it was a crowd-sourcing effort on the approaches, and that seems to have changed. The things I suggested long ago- a library of documentation and principles- would have been easy and cheap.

I’m honestly not getting much out of discussions on this forum other than a momentary distraction from my normal workload ( I rarely can turn my brain off, I just divert it momentarily). I haven’t seen too many really good ideas advanced lately. Whether that’s because people are deliberately holding back or because they simply don’t have anything to contribute, it’s hard to say. Many of the most interesting contributors (actually building models, experimenting, contributing designs and constructive criticism) on the old forum have not transitioned to the new. Watching people bicker online is not interesting to me.

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A lot of us are working on building Marinea but we work off site as the project doesn’t need any bashers right now as we work out the details. There are some things that would be better not discussed openly at the moment because we don’t want misinformation making our jobs more difficult. That said, wait around until the beginning of next year and we will have a lot more for you to read about.


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