Seasteading Wiki Updated

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@frabrunelle has migrated the Seasteading Wiki to a new version of the software (MediaWiki 1.29.0 ). This allows us more flexibility and features.

The forum here is a great place for conversation, but a recurring theme has been frustration with knowledge repository and duplication of effort to explain basic things. The advantage of a Wiki is the article-based format that presents information in a concise, organized manner for the reader to understand, and the linkages between topics that allows for a natural learning style of “Wiki-wander”. While Wikipedia and others have broad knowledge available and it may not seem worthwhile to have our own Wiki, the truth is that organizing a smaller collection of topics, with specific linkages and commentary oriented specifically towards the marine environment and seasteading as an engineering topic and socio-political movement, is still worthwhile because of the unique perspective on many common topics.

I invite folks with specific knowledge and ideas to help out with writing articles for the Wiki. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel, and linkages to Wikipedia and other information sources are welcome, just try to explain the seasteading aspect of your pointer in the Seasteading Wiki article. If you note spelling errors in article titles, let me know and we can fix those. Note that each article has a commentary page for discussion of the article and its contents, this is a good place to solicit further explanation.

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You may have noticed there is now a set of links at the top of the page, including a link to the Wiki.