Seasteading Stock Portfolio


Hi guys,

I was just interested in making a diversified seasteading stock portfolio of various seasteading technologies.

Of established companies, there is one that is aiming at deep sea mining, Nautilus Minerals,
they are the only commercial deep sea mining company that still has stocks of value (current $0.19 each),
though they have to get 10 million dollars by the end of the month to make ends meet :-|. Even if that happens they’ll only start mining in 2019. Japan has already started deep sea mining, so it is at least a viable thing.

I know Blue Frontier is going to have a token offering, which is similar to stocks but on the blockchain. However they don’t even seem to have a Telegram channel, so I don’t really know if they have their act together.

I was wondering if you knew any other sea-steading related technology companies which may have publicly traded stocks or tokens.

I know there was a company that wanted to make a space elevator on the ocean, and one that wanted to do rocket launches from the ocean. Maybe some companies that make oil platforms, boats and submarines could be included.

Any ideas welcome.

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I am a bit skeptical about Nautilus Minerals, but what do I know.
$10M by the end of this month to start 2 years from now.

I know very little about Blue Frontiers, and their tokens. I saw their web site.

My idea would be a coop with whatever ocean based business there is.
To include deep sea mining would be preferable, sooner or later.

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Blue Frontiers is still putting together the ICO and are waiting on the lawyers to determine what they can and cannot say. Because in the US, there is no free speech when it comes to business.

*not sure if what I just posted is legal or not

Hopefully once things get going with Blue Frontiers there will be many startups looking to test their business model on the seastead. Would make for a great portfolio to invest in most of them.

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Yes a venture planning to issue an ICO token is best advised to keep everything outside US to avoid unconvenient entanglements of all kind. I have been there and done that. Our group is keeping anything that matters outside US reach (and talks about it in the boardroom) for good reasons. Afortunatly we are now well into the era of global networks, and US legislation current and comming up, means little for a fast moving global network structure.

What concerns Nautilus Minerals and Blue Frontier - we will see (said the Zen Master) ... i will not give an opinion in public if i do or don´t consider them "investment grade" at this very moment.
Other than Nautilus Minerals which is rather a "media announcement than a production venture" De Beers is actually producing most of its diamonds from the ocean in Namibia with 2 submarine crawlers

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and this is not experimental, they extract 500,000 carats of diamonds per year in depthts of 150m with third generation machinery they developed …what creates a much higher investment worthyness (in the sense of profit potential) if you define seasteading as "actually doing business on the ocean and makeing profit " - not “talking about it” or “media hype it”. Although media presence can be an asset of its own - but asign a “investment value” to those things depends very much on the individual investor i suppose…

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Yep, the US is anti small investor.

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If you check the ICO token platform universe, you find, that there is always an application form, that seperates US from the rest of the world … it always looks something like that in the form:

• I am US citicen and have a IRS number
• I am non US citicen and my country does not have such a thing.

I am glad that i can click on the second option every time it comes up.


Ellmer good find with De Beers, but it seems they are a privately traded company.

Nautlius Minerals does have some machinery and a ship.
However they are still in the testing phase it seems for a long time.

I found another publically traded underwater company aquabotix, though their share price has dropped from 20 cents to 10 cents, and I don’t know that it will go back up. Especially considering there is this open source competitor that offers a similar product for a fraction of the cost: